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  • Aviva

    Raspberry leaf tea always works for us.

  • Vicki

    Hi .. I have IBS and now it is controlling my life, socially and professionally. I don’t go out, i an anxious all the time, it is impacting on my work and myself 🙁 …. Any help or advise would be great but i feel i have now tried everything with little success. I am so dishearten.
    Thanks VJ

  • Toni

    Hi for the last 12 months I have had persistent tummy pain, more under my ribs and to the left. I have seen a doctor & nutritionist (tried FOdMAp) and still no relief. After every meal I suffer from extremely painful trapped wind, the doctor thinks it’s mild constipation but I’m not sure I go regularly Im starting to feel like they just don’t care. It’s taking over my life to the point I don’t want to eat anymore any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Toni – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Here is the reply from our naturopath, Kristie.
      Kind regards, Anya …

      Hello Toni,

      I am sorry to hear you have had ongoing digestive difficulties. I will certainly make some product suggestions, but I would also advise you to see a naturopath in your area who can assess you as a whole and should be able to narrow down the cause of your pain. Any suggestions I make may be helpful, but may be missing the real cause of your pain which is why a consultation is recommended.

      Firstly, the Ethical Nutrients IBS Support probiotics would be good to take daily. Additionally, taking Swedish Bitters before each meal – up to one teaspoon in a cup of warm water 30 minutes before each meal, or 30 minutes after the meal if you cannot tolerate it before.

      Slippery elm powder (the powder, not the capsules), taken between meals, mixed into a smooth paste in some warm water (with a little honey if desired), can be helpful as well.

      Once again, please see a naturopath for a thorough consultation.

      Kind regards, Kristie Laurantus, BNat.

      • Toni

        Hi Kristie thank you so much for the response any advise is great advise and happy to try anything if it helps. I seem to be having a good two weeks, less trapped wind but still a very un settled tummy. Are those products you mention available in NZ? I hope so. I will definitely look in to a Naturopath, natural health is the best i reckon. Did you have any rough ideas as to what maybe causing it? I have had suggested a scan or colonostopy not sure if either would be a good idea they are expensive however suggested by a specialist although he seems to be un certain which does not comfort me. Look forward to hearing from you Thanks Toni

        • Hi Toni – Kristie only works some days for us so I’ll pass your reply to her when she’s in next. Meanwhile I can tell you that all the things she suggested can be found on our website Kind regards, Anya

        • Hi again Toni. Here is Kristie’s response for you. Kind regards, Anya …..

          Hello Toni,

          As Anya mentioned the products are available on our website. You can find them by typing a key word in the search bar on the website like ‘swedish’.

          I can’t be sure what is causing your abdominal pain but it may be good idea to have a medical investigation to rule out pathological causes. Gut issues often come from poor gut flora, stress, food intolerances and chronic inflammation. A naturopath should be able to help ascertain the cause of or contributing factors to your gut pain.

          The slippery elm powder should be helpful for you as mentioned before. Additionally, aloe vera juice is soothing to the digestive tract as well so this could be worth trying, but still please consult with a naturopath as well.

          Kind regards, Kristie Laurantus, BNat.