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Super Foods – Chlorella and Spirulina for Weight Loss

Super Foods - Chlorella and Spirulina for Weight Loss

Super foods are the new buzz words in natural health, and for good reason. These are nutrient dense whole foods that are nature’s answer to the distortions of the modern Western diet.

Spirulina and chlorella are two different types of micro-algae that can each claim the title of super food. Their long list of benefits is impressive, and in this blog I’m focussing on just one of them – weight loss. In various clinical studies both chlorella and spirulina have produced good results in weight reduction trials, and there are two primary reasons for this.

Taking chlorella and spirulina for weight loss is effective firstly because of their very high nutrient content. Each contains all the essential nutrients we need for optimum health, and can help reverse many degenerative disease processes by correcting and balancing nutritional deficits to restore optimal cellular and tissue function. In cases of overweight and obese people, malnutrition is often a factor and supplying complete nutrition relieves the intense food cravings you can experience, which typically lead to over-consumption of refined foods.

The second reason taking chlorella and spirulina for weight loss is so effective is because of their high concentrations of a specific nutrient – gamma linolenic acid (GLA), the important fatty acid that is often deficient due to modern dietary imbalances. GLA has a specific effect on the endocrine system, helping restore hormone health and normalise insulin activity, so blood sugar levels stabilise and cravings reduce. For overweight people who may have other factors that predispose them to a higher risk of diabetes, normalising insulin metabolism is critical. Specific benefits from spirulina and chlorella supplementation have been reported in diabetes cases.

There may be other contributing factors too. Their high iodine content makes them valuable in treating thyroid imbalances, often an issue in weight problems. Both micro-algae contain the amino acid phenylalanine, a natural appetite suppressant active in the appetite control centre of the brain, which triggers the sensation of fullness.

There are some special qualities that differentiate these two super foods. Spirulina is a blue-green colour and is the best known source of GLA. With five times the amount of spirulina, chlorella is the richest known source of chlorophyll, the ‘blood of plants’ which gives it an emerald green colour as well as extra blood strengthening and detoxifying properties. It also contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) which enhances repair of damaged genetic material in cells, rapidly restoring healthy function.

When taken as supplements to a balanced, whole food diet and regular physical activity, taking chlorella and spirulina for weight loss can give ongoing support for management of weight issues and enhanced vitality.

By Carolyn Simon ND, DipMedHerb

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  • Lynda

    An excellent article touching on a very fundamental truth – if our diet is NOT high in nutrients then our body asks us to eat more. Too few people realise this and it is why people feel so much better (even if they don’t actually lose weight) when they eat foods which give them a super-abundance of nutrients.

    One things though: not everyone needs an appetite suppressant because not everyone overeats .

    Unfortunately, a history of dieting makes it more likely that a person has caused their body to need less than can actually keep you healthy. So that’s another good reason for eating an excellent diet, getting the supplements above, even buying a juicer, so you get the vitamins and minerals you need. Extra important if you’re dieting or sick.
    Thanks to Carolyn’s advice, I’m taking Spirulina as I am going into hospital soon for a hip replacement and intend to be as packed with nutrition as it’s possible to be :)

  • Marie

    Yay happy to hear I am doing something right, and extrememly happy to see just how many benefits there are. I have been taking Spirilina in my smoothie every morning for over 6 years, love it. If I’m not home I revert to the capsules. Thank you for these articles xx

  • Janet

    I have been taking chlorella for about the last 3 months and have lost weight, feel great and have improved skin brightness. I recommend it to every one!

  • Julie

    I am taking Lifestream Spirulina, is Chlorella in that or is it a supplement on its own? Thanks

    • Anya (HealthPost)

      Hi Julie – Lifestream Spirulina is purely Spirulina. You can buy Chlorella seperately or you can go for the Lifestream Ultimate Greens, which contains Spirulina, Chlorella and Barley Grass. Other products that contain both are Morlife Alkalising Greens or Good Health Supreme Greens . cheers, Anya

  • Melissa

    I am interested to find out what would be the correct dosage for mixing spirulina & chlorella powder when taking it for general well being ?

    • Anya (HealthPost)

      Hi Melissa, follow the dosage quidelines for each product you purchase – you can take up to the full amount recommended of both at the same time. Spirulina is a food and therefore quite safe. Chlorella require a little more caution because of it’s detoxifying qualities. If you haven’t taken it before, start with a low dose (eg 1/4 teaspoon of powder) and increase over a period of time to the max dosage recommended. Do remember to take lots of water with it. I hope this helps, Anya

  • Melissa

    Thanks for your reply. It confirms that i have been taking it correctly I have been taking both products for some time & definitely agree the need for water especially when taking chlorella.

  • Jan

    Oppposit for me -I am on the thin side – always trying to put some weight on! Would these supplements be of benefit to me or would you be recommending something else?

    • Anya (HealthPost)

      Hi Jan – lucky you! well neither will help you gain weight! Spirulina is a great nutritional supplement (particularly rich in iron) and Chlorella could be beneficial if you want to detox. You might like to consider a good protein powder if you are looking for something to help you gain weight. I’m told that Tahini (sesame paste) is good for weight gain too – so sounds like a good excuse to eat lots of hummus or halva! Good luck!

  • kate

    Where do you purchase spirulina and chlorella? Also what brand?

  • Mos

    Hi ,was looking for info of a product claiming to be “the dr simomns diet ” .
    This was or is originally HCG hormone diet . and because of your name i landed here .
    I dubt if the late Dr simons would give his appruval of this ,using his name
    for selling Spirulina Chlorela extract ,can you comment please .Thanks

    • Candy

      Hi Mos, we have attempted to search both these phrases in Google search and HealthPost has not come up as a website link, so I am unsure how you landed on our page. HealthPost does not associate with these names to sell our products. However we are an online retail company and will be found if searching for items such as Chlorella or Spirulina. Hope this helps. Kind regards.

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