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A word from Lucy

Message from Lucy

Meet Lucy, HealthPost Executive Director, daughter to founder Linley, mum to Isla and Leo, and self-confessed natural product addict! Read along as Lucy shares with us each month exciting happenings at HealthPost, our progress towards creating a better world, and some musings on how she and her family strive towards living a naturally healthy life.

November 2017

It is around now that I start dreaming of spontaneous weekend camping trips, picnics, travel and the other adventures that the summer has in store. And I do a quick stock-take of our summer first aid kit to make sure that the natural products I rely on to keep us comfortable in the outdoors and on the road, are ready to go.

Here are some of my perennial favourites, plus some great newbies I’ve been sampling from our range recently:

First up, I make sure the sunscreen is sorted (always a good idea to check the expiry on last summer’s tube). We try to keep the kids covered up or in the shade during fierce sun rather than constantly slathering them in sunblock but when we hit the beach, sunscreen is a must.

My go-to for the littlies has traditionally been the Badger SPF30 Baby. Even if it’s a little sticky, I know it’s safe. For my face I’m loving the light, fresh feel of the newly added Coola Face SPF30 Cucumber Sunscreen.

We always have a tub of Tui Bug Balm on hand. This is a totally natural, essential oil based product by another Golden Bay company with heaps of integrity. I have great associations with the smell from summers past! You need to re-apply regularly but I’d rather choose that over the chemicals any day.

Other permanent fixtures in our summer kit are Wotnot Baby Wipes for every manner of sticky situation and Comvita Propolis Tincture, for cleaning and healing scratches.

A new addition this summer will be the Woohoo Deodorant Paste we’ve just discovered. This stuff is seriously effective and won’t leak in your luggage. I won’t be going anywhere without it!

Here’s to a happy and relaxed summer just around the corner.


October 2017

We hope you’re enjoying an upsurge of fresh spring energy powering you through all that you want to accomplish this season.

Here at HealthPost, we see individual wellness as integrally connected to the health of the natural environment and the broader community. As Plato observed: “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” And we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. One of the ways we put this belief into action is through our Better World donation program, which has given more than $800,000 to a range of worthy causes in Aotearoa and beyond.

You may have noticed that a new charity has appeared in the Better World donation selection recently. The Farewell Spit HealthPost Nature Trust is a long-term conservation partnership between HealthPost and the Department of Conservation to restore and enhance the biodiversity of the extraordinary Farewell Spit region of Golden Bay.

Farewell Spit is an internationally recognised area for red knots, godwits and other wading birds. The Trust aims, through fencing, trapping and restoration, to create a haven where threatened species such as the Little Spotted Kiwi and Nelson Green Gecko can ultimately be re-established. Our shared vision is to create a wondrous, accessible eco-sanctuary where people can experience this unique landform as the thriving and diverse eco-system it would once have been.

Work has already begun, with our initial team planting effort at Triangle Flat in August. Farewell Spit is both physically close to our Collingwood premises and close to our hearts. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together in this amazing environment.


September 2017

One thing that keeps us fired up and true to our purpose of helping people lead naturally healthier lives is reading your customer reviews.

Your reviews keep us connected to why what we’re doing matters: the difference that finding the right natural solution at the right time can make in someone’s life. They also tip us off to when a product isn’t living up to your expectations, and give us a chance to do something about it.

My mother Linley started HealthPost almost 30 years ago, because she truly believed in natural remedies and wanted to make them more accessible. Now retired, Mum remains one of our biggest customers. I share her passion for our products (I prefer not to look at how much of my wage goes on my staff account!), and I always check out customer reviews if I’m trying something new.

Of course, one person’s experience is simply that, and isn’t necessarily representative. We love that reviews are authentically unique, and often amazingly candid, offered in the spirit of creating a shared wealth of knowledge.

Positive or otherwise, your reviews paint an inspiring picture of a community proactively engaged in being well. Because when it comes to health, no one has all the answers, and we’re all learning from each other.

So, thank you, for sharing so generously of your own experiences, and for keeping us connected to the ‘why’ of what we do.


August 2017


Winter is a fine time for musing and planning, quietly laying the foundation for good things to come. Here at HealthPost we’ve been challenging ourselves to dig deep and find more creative ways to put our values into action.

Here are just a few things, large and small, that are warming up our winter:


We’re stoked to support Habitat for Humanity New Zealand through our Better World donation programme. Because everyone in New Zealand and beyond deserves a decent roof over their heads, and these folks know how to make it happen.


We’ve done it forever, but Rhoda, our Collingwood General Manager, is taking it to the next level by establishing a proper two-bay compost from old packing crates. I’m looking forward to seeing the HealthPost orchard thriving this summer as a result of all that recycled goodness.


The sea is every bit as beautiful in winter, and we’re lucky enough to be right beside it. Project Jonah, our partners through Better World, won the Supreme Award at the Trustpower Community Awards recently for their amazing efforts at the mass whale stranding on Farewell Spit in February, where several HealthPost staff also lent a hand. Congrats guys!

You might have noticed that several Shark-based products have recently disappeared from our range. Understanding the vulnerability of some shark species, and the potential impact of shark fishing on dolphins and other at risk species, we want to err on the side of caution.

We are currently working through our whole 5000+ product range to make sure we continue to bring you only the best, healthiest and most sustainable natural products available anywhere.


As always, we welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Lucy Butler, HealthPost Executive Director


Lucy Butler
HealthPost Executive Director





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    I’m going through peri menopause and would like to know how best to support my hormones naturally. Would you have GABA
    the amino acids to help me along? I really value your work and look forward to getting some advice. Thanks.