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  • Hazel Lucy

    Can you tell me the best time to take psyllium seed. (or other high fibre)
    to reduce cholesterol and weight. It has been suggested I take it 15 mins before each meal but I also take supplements with meals (morning and evening) and a prescription medicine (morning and evening). However I am aware that high fibre may affect absorbtion so I am wondering what is the best thing for me to do.
    Besy wishes

    • Thanks for your query Hazel.

      Our staff Naturopath, Kristie, has provided a response as follows:

      It’s debatable whether taking supplements with your breakfast will decrease absorption of your supplements. The likely answer is yes, to some extent it may. The fibre in bran is non-soluble and may speed the passage of food in the digestive tract thus slowing the absorption of nutrients. There is also soluble fibre in oats so this is an added factor. The body only absorbs a certain amount anyway, so if you take a supplement which is high in particular nutrients you may absorb as much as you were going to anyway, as some of the supplement will not be absorbed in the first place.

      Perhaps a good idea is to take the supplements at a meal that is lower in fibre (but you also have to look out for other nutrient inhibitors such as phytates in vegetables and soluble fibre – in some vegetables, fruits and grains).

      I would suggest just keeping taking your supplements at breakfast unless you can take them at lunch instead.

  • Lulu

    Some diets are quite helpful for eczema e.g. wheat/gluten free diet (but my cousin found this one made her skin worse!) and a dairy free diet. I also recommend the Allergy Clinic in Auckland, I forget the name of it, It was AAE (I can’t rem’ber whether it still is tho’) you go there to get allergies treated and grass, dust, dust mites, tap water seem to be really bad for eczema.

  • Molly Shannon



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  • Linda Pauling

    My husband has suffered very dry flaky skin for years and tried many creams. He eats healthy and drinks plenty of water so we tried using ripe banana skins. His arms and legs are now free of dry patches and have a healthy glow. Just rub the wet side on the skin, face and hands too, works wonders and is very cheap and natural.