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  • Margaret Black

    Three years ago my hay-fever was so bad I resorted to taking two Telfast tablets per day (on my doctors recommendation) for almost 3 months just to be able to function normally (very very expensive!!!). I had tried lots of natural remedies but nothing worked and life had become unbearable during spring. After the spring of 2010 I did some research into rebuilding my immune system (I haven’t always suffered from hay-fever) and started taking 6gm per day of Vitamin C as well as Zinc. This spring has been a dream, I have only needed to take about 6 Telfast tablets on the odd occasions. Next year I plan to make that zero. I’d also like to report that I haven’t had a head cold for more than 12 months which must be a first ever in my life. So “Go The Vitamin C” I say, and all year round, not just seasonally 🙂

  • Brandon

    One trick my mom has always used on her kids was to put a teaspoon of vinegar into a humidifier and let it run all night… Not sure what the magic is, but it definitely helps clear up my allergies and other seasonal symptoms