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  • Sharon

    My daughter hurt her leg on rocks and the wound wouldn’t stop bleeding at first and then it wouldn’t heal, probably because she had type 1 diabetes which hadn’t been diagnosed at that time. It left a red scar a few inches long under her knee. She used Bio-Oil, and it faded to white and you can hardly notice it. Also, my husband had kidney surgery and had a foot long scar on his side, which wasn’t stapled together properly, bulged and the muscles herniated. The scar was very prominent but using Bio-Oil has made it fade so it isn’t nearly so obvious.

  • Nancy Baxter

    Bio Oil works wonders

    • Thanks for your comments Nancy and Sharon. Bio Oil is indeed good for scars, which is one of the reasons we used to stock it. However, we made a decision to no longer stock this product because it contains mineral oil which is a Bi-Product of petroleum.

  • Molly Shannon



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