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  • Amazing post Jason. Love the line “Aging is simply how fast your cells wear out”. I’m curious though – what if you’re already quite skinny already? Can you limit your food intake any more when you don’t really have any fat to lose? Do feel better after a day long fast…

    Cheers Jason

  • Hi Gabriel,
    Thanks for the lovely words. The book certainly has been a labour of love over 25 years and working fulltime/part-time on it for the last 6 years…phew! If you are skinny you can fast but just one or two days at a time, making sure you are getting the goodies in via green juice with added carrots. beetroot and ginger as you like for taste. The main thing is getting the food you are eating to be a good consistent quality and amount. Fasting is a wonderful thing when done correctly and intelligently as part of a smart, plant-based, wholefood diet. Make sure you are nutritionally well-fed, feeling good energy levels, are well-slept and then you can take a day off food every now and again. Remember, fasting or juicing is not starvation and is also not appropriate for everyone (nothing is – apart from air and water…).

  • Mike fitzgerald

    Looking forward to this biik and working with you next year.Great stuff

    Mike Fitzgerald
    Greenworld health & Lifestyle


  • Nalini Manikkam

    I am most impressed with your article Jason . I just recently began to decrease the amount I’m eating as I’m about to hit ‘the menopause’ and I am experiencing more energy and clearer skin so I am most encouraged to continue in this way especially after reading yourexcellent article . Your message comes across loud and clear. I have shared this article with my family and friends. All of the very best with your future projects!

  • Anahata Ishaya

    I am most interested in the 7-day fast you did. Can you tell us about that?

    • Toni

      Thanks for your inquiry Anahata. I’ve contacted Jason and he has provided the following answer to your comment: Funny you should ask as I am in the middle of a 7 day fast right now! I am taking the people in our programme The Feel Alive Plan through one (those that are ready for it) and I am loving it again (it has been a while). I cover fasting in detail in the programme and in the book – basically lots of green vegetable juices, celery, cucumber and beetroot are best with a little carrot or ginger. Too much to go into here but that is the simple version!” Stay Well, Jason. Please go to to learn how to eat well, get well, stay well and achieve exceptional health. I hope you find this useful Anahata. Cheers, Toni