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  • Larry

    hi Jason, long time/no see,…i am currently attempting to cure the hyperthyroid/graves disease problem i have,..which i suspect was caused by amongst other things, toxins,..amalgam being the prime culprit,[still have a lot of it] and have been researching a lot of natural cures etc
    seeing you in here reminds me i havnt had spirulina in a long time!
    cheers, Larry, [back on the rock]

    • Hi Larry!

      Long-time no see! You back on the rock (Waiheke) just in time for another amazing NZ summer. The best thing I can suggest is chlorella and spirulina daily, regular fasting on freshly-squeezed leafy green vegetables of all kinds (mix the powders into that if you like?), make your own sprouts (recipes free on my website) and walk everyday around that beautiful island!

      Let me know how you get on ok?

      Stay Well,


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    • Annie

      Hi Larry, I was diagnosed with graves diesase in 2002. I took meds till 2009. Doc wanted me to drink the radioactive iodine. Lucky for me I didn’t. I changed my diet a wee bit nothing to outragous, through the meds away, and have been medication free for 2 years now, still have my blood test every 3 months and everything has always been in the normal range. So just wanted to say good luck with the cure for your graves disease, it can be done

  • Lisa

    Hi Larry

    Looking forward to each month and new information!
    I’m not qualified or anything, but have reserched alot in Natural health over the years and any topic interests me, so I will be watching this space!

    Regards, Lisa

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