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  • lori

    I am on day 2 maca root powder but already helping my digestion of food and hot flashes. I am 41on and have perimenapause symptons. I used to wake up a couple of times thru night but slept so peacefully last night. I hope this works long term as I have tried black cohosh for 2 months prior with no change or benefit. Looking forward to this working out for me.

  • Honora

    I guess if this capsule has been heat treated, it should be have had its goitregenic properties eliminated. Do you know if the powder form has been heat treated, or merely dried in the sun? And if so, would the goitregenic properties once again have been abolished?

    • Hi Honora. I’m not sure which MACA product you are referring to as we have several available on our site. If you can be more specific then I will try to contact the manufacturers of that product and hopefully they will be able to answer your question. Many thanks, Anya

  • Honora

    thanks, Anya. I bought this stuff in Liberty’s Supermarket here in Christchurch, New Zealand but it’s Claridges Botanicals and Kerrindale Field Fresh Organic Maca powder. It’s a yellow-cream colored powder. I suppose the processing of Maca powder does vary from brand to brand. I was assuming processing would be similar but I guess it’s like coconut oil where the process of extracting varies considerably.

    • Hi Honora. Since the product you purchased isn’t one that we stock I’m unable to follow up on your query. You could always try to contact them directly yourself though (they may have contact info on the packaging). Yes, you’re right in thinking the process will differ from brand to brand. Best wishes, Anya

  • Honora

    Interesting regarding this comment from someone elsewhere on this website:

    This has a pleasant taste. I began taking it to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. I took it for approx 4 weeks. I experienced a notable & undesirable increase in oil secretions on my face & also quite a notable increase in thick dark hair on my face! Not good for a woman! Instead of balancing my hormones this seemed to increase my levels of male hormones. My menstruation was somewhat lighter. I stopped taking this as I did not like the increased facial hair & oil. RESPONSE FROM THE PEOPLE AT MACA GOLD: “In 14 years of supplying Maca Gold we have never had feedback such as this … there are nil hormones in maca. Maca Gold supports the endocrine system so as the natural balance for the individual is achieved according to the environment, stresses etc that the person lives in. Maca Gold encourages the person’s own body to make the hormones etc that the body is calling for. Coming into hormonal balance is not always a smooth journey. There is about 3 months before the body will get the full benefit from Maca Gold and approximately 6 months before it gets to cellular level.”

    When I was doing my research, I found references to 2 Maca studies where healthy men were given Maca. The research found no increase in testosterone so the next question was “what would have happened if they’d given Maca to men suffering from low testosterone levels?”. Presumably if Maca is an adaptogenic then the healthy young fellas didn’t need their hormones to be adjusted and perhaps there would have been a rise in testosterone in the less balanced group.

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