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  • Lynda

    Acidophilus Bifidus works for me. As you get older, you need a fairly regular dose whether you’ve had anti-biotics or not because your gut doesn’t work as well as it used to. Keep it in the fridge and make sure you take it at least once a week. You may need more.

  • Lorraine Lister

    Just a comment on brassicas. Fermentation as in sauerkraut does not neutralize goitrogens so care should be taken in hypothyroidism. Cooking reduces the amount of goitrogens but again does not neutralize them.

  • A Gir

    Hil what about eating coconut oil?

    • Toni

      Hi A Gir, Thanks for reminding us about this amazing oil. There is alot of online information suggesting Coconut Oil may have properties that serve as a natural anti-biotic that renders certain bacteria & fungi inactive, such as the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Please check our The Benefits of Coconut Oil – Nourish yourself inside and out Blog Article for more discussion. Cheers, Toni