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  • Lisa

    Great topic and one that bothers quite a number of people I believe!
    What I find works best for sleeping is a routine. Sounds basic and really is basic. Until I created a routine in the evening which became a habit (N.B. – sometimes it’s not possible to keep, but in a general sense this is what happens most nights) I really struggled with falling asleep and even is I fell to sleep easierly, I was waking often in the night.
    Now I relax before bed with a book and light a tealight candel in my oil burner which I fill with relaxing oils. I really like Lavender, but you can get some really nice mixes which are specifically for relaxing that I use too. I really find that this triggers in my brian that it’s time for sleeping and after about 30 minutes of reading I blow out the tealight and fall asleep in a short while.
    I have also found that by not having coffee or alcohol after lunchtime helps as well.

    Anyway – congratulations on this new blog – I can’t wait to read everyones elses tips/comments/suggestions! I have found these first few topics have been really interesting and helpful.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your sleeping tips Lisa. Thanks also for your kind feedback on the blog – we’re really pleased to hear it! Please keep in touch ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for that Lisa. Long may your routine send you off to the land of nod. I have heard of some bizarre night time rituals – but yours sounds simple and easy.

    Shane Mason – Clinicians Naturopath

  • FM

    Hi, I’d had trouble falling asleep since childhood (am now in my 30s) and often couldn’t drop off until 2/3am most nights…very bad for your health when modern life requires us to be up early Monday – Friday.

    I finally found an amazing ND last year who advised me to nourish my nervous system by taking flaxseed oil, fish oil, and a nervine. She also advised me to take magnesium and spirulina.

    Within a month, I was falling alseep within 15 minutes every night, and I still do. I also dream nightly now and remember my dreams.

    Many other health issues, such as migraines, heart palpitations and painful PMS, have also disappeared since I began taking theses supplements.

    Thank god for NDs. : )

  • Molly Shannon



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