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  • Margot

    i will be among the people that are considered to be at risk. my late father was among this percentage of the population in the years before he died long ago. this gace me aweness nd knowledge. however, 18 years ago i had an accident, many surgeries and drugs that caused a huge weight gain and lack of being able to exercise took their toll. plus i am on crutches perm and i have a horrid pain condition to add to the problem of difficulty in exercising. however over the years i managed [by starving myself…..bad decision] to come down from a 24 size garment to 18 on top and now 16 on the bottom where i was when it all started 🙂 and it has been hard. imagine my shock when it was discovered recently that i was experieincing the “sydrome X” problem. direct action was needed and taken with my doc’s approval. i have stopped eating anything white [except plain youghurt] and it seems to be doing the trick. i also have been reading a books which led me to finding a couple of supplements and led in the search to you and your business. i will no doubt be a customer of increasing proportions [the supplements not my body 🙂 ] and thank you very much. i was aware of the problems and i was very careful about what i ate as a result, but increasing costs meant it was been harder to afford the fresh green foods and the fruits i needed in my diet so i went down to 1 meal a day. now, with family help i have a raised garden in a varity of containers and it is looking great, i can eat properly with a diet high in vegetables again. i will NOT become a diabetic thank you!!!!

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  • Ann

    I am a UK qualified nutritional therapist and was in practice in the UK for nearly 20 years before coming to NZ. In my experience a supplement of Chromium can be really helpful as it is needed for the metabolism of sugar. I specialised in treating candida and very frequently when working with a diabetic who also had candida their diabetic readings reduced considerably. (I was not allowed to treat diabetes so this was an added improvement in their general health as a result of what we were doing)