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  • cecily

    Hello there.
    Does it work out better to buy granules ? I notice all the other brands are capsules?

    Also how does bee pollen compare with royal jelly? Which would be better for a patient after extensive cancer therapy?

    • Toni

      Thanks Cecily for your questions. Lisa from our Customer Service team has suggested the following: “Granules are the most cost effective way to purchase Bee Pollen. I have just spoken with the Naturopath at Comvita and both Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly can be taken together and are quite different products. Bee Pollen is high in B vitamins & helps with stamina, endurance & is also anti-inflammatory. The Royal Jelly is a Super food & is high in Proteins. The Naturopath stated that these wouldn’t be the first things to consider when recovering from cancer. Royal Jelly has had alot of research relating to cancer patients, it’s worthwhile looking into this & also receiving professional advice from a registered natural health professional in your area. Ultimately the choice is yours.” I hope this is helpful to your research Cecily and may the recovery from cancer therapy be swift. Take care, Toni (HealthPost)

  • bee

    I’ve heard that if you break down the cell walls of pollen granules and turn it into powder, the body can absorb the nutrients. is there any truth to this?

    • Hi there. Our naturopath, Kristie, says that Bee pollen should be broken down easily if your digestive system is functioning optimally. The cell walls should not need to be broken down. Thanks for your query.