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  • Great article, so much depends on a good night sleep. I have always been a ‘bad’ sleeper and lack of sleep results in anxiety for me. My daughter is the same and we find the herbs passionflower, valerian and skull cap as well as 5htp to be the most helpful.

  • I have been an insomniac since childhood and have a huge appreciation for my father’s words of wisdom to me at that time. He coached me to not get uptight about not sleeping because, he said, that is worse for well-being than not sleeping is.
    Now in my late fifties I find that daily exercise enhances sleep and so does avoiding eating too much at the evening meal. A middle of the night meditation session helps facilitate falling asleep after it is finished. And I still follow my Dad’s advice and stay as mellow as I can . . . make it extra hours for love and gratitude rather than entertaining concerns.

  • Lynette

    I can’t recommend the Clinicians REM Sleep highly enough – it is the only natural remedy that has been of any help to me in regards to sleep. I find the combination of the REM and Magnesium has been quite successful in helping to deal with my sleep issues – just wish I had known about them sooner!

  • I’ve read in some blogs REM sleep is achievable even if you take a nap. 8 hours sleeping is just a common thing, but IT IS NOT NECESSARY. Polyphasic sleep could provide you the same rest, but is difficult to do because of society’s schedule