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  • Laura Wolfhart

    I LOVE Argan oil and it’s been wonderful on my hair! I have yet to try it on my skin but after reading this I’ll definitely give it a try. Right now I’m using the very recommended Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which deeply conditions, smoothes and prevents hair loss. My clients (I’m a hairstylist) are also using it and have already noticed a significant improvement in their hair’s health. As for my own hair, I’ve also noticed that it’s stronger, shinier and a lot less frizzy. Plus, Pro Naturals also serves as a heat protectant, so I’m especially happy with it as I blow dry my hair regularly 🙂

    • tan

      Hi can you tell me where the item Pro Naturals is stocked you say your a hairdresser but are you in NZ
      Many thanks for your time

  • Dyan

    I’ve used Argan Oil for nearly two years. I bought it in France not realising what a treasure I had found.
    I’m 68 years old and my very thick hair had started to thin quite dramatically. Since using the oil, my hair has become healthy, shiny and very managable.
    Recently, I’ve started to use the Argan oil on the back of my age-spotted hands and around my fingernails. I’ve noticed the spots fading and my nails strengthening.
    I’ll never let myself run out of this fantastic product.

    • Thanks very much for your comments Dyan – it’s great to hear this 🙂

  • Philly Hall

    Having just returned from Morocco, I’m all abuzz about the argan nut. I visited one of the women’s co-operatives and was so impressed. I bought soaps, moisterizers, oil, lipbalms, lipsticks and eye-liner. We need to support these women and buy the products direct from them (not sure how to go about that living on the other side of the world)
    Great article by Carolyn Simon. Well done

    • Hi Philly, thanks so much for your feedback. That is just fantastic to hear and I will certainly pass your comment on to Carolyn. I hope you enjoy all your argan oil products :o) All the best, Candy

  • Brought some organic Argan oil but as it is just that is hardly nice smelling. Can you suggest what I can add to make it smell better on my skin?

    • Toni

      Hi Leanne, As Argan Oil has a nutty scent, essential oil of lavender is a really nice addition to help eliminate that strong smell. Rose oil is also a pleasant scent and may be added. As you are using the Argan on your skin, the healing benefits of these additional essential oils will also be helpful in their own right. Argan oil has so many uses, one of my favourites is as a hair tonic mixed with Avocado oil, Jojoba oil & Rose Geranium Essential oil…tied up in a scarf for half an hour’s work in the vege garden before washing it off as usual…aaahh soft, flowing locks again ;o) Hope this gives you some new ideas to try, Toni (HealthPost)

  • debbie

    Hi Toni,
    What proportions of Avocado, Jojoba and Argan Oil for the hair tonic, please? It sounds fab!

    • Hi Debbie. Toni says …
      For 2 treatments:
      10ml almond oil (I infuse mine with a couple of vanilla pods for 4 weeks prior)
      10ml avocado oil
      10ml jojoba oil
      15 drops Argan oil

      10 drops rose geranium essential oil
      6 drops rosemary essential oil

      Shake the oils together in a little jar. Warm the jar of oils in a cup of hot water. Shake them again.
      Rub half the oils into the scalp, a little at a time. Cover head with scarf or hat to keep warm for 20 minutes. Suggest to apply in the morning while you do an activity that gets your blood flowing e.g. yoga or gardening.

      Apply shampoo to dry hair and massage in. Wet, wash and condition as normal … enjoy ;o)
      Best wishes, Anya

  • Diane Pankjurst

    I visited Morocco in 2007, bought the Argan oil and have used it on my face after defoliation 2x a week. I am 63 and my skin looks like a 50 year old I’ve been told.
    I will never be without it. I don’t mind the nutty aroma.