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  • Daria Fedewytsch

    Please ask Kolorex to make a Horopito thrush cream WITHOUT lemon tea tree oil. I have written to them but no action. Many women (and myself) are sensitized to TT oils- the tiniest amount causes severe reactions. Yet we are desperate for anti-fungals. In my case- intestinal issues not the problem. I have severe post-menopausal dryness – so much so I cannot walk without lubricantl ( abrasions, swelling) & only a few 100 meters with lubricant before it dries up. The skin abrasion means that even normal amounts of candida invade the skin and cause infection. If there’s no abrasion – no thrush. Estrogen products restore all necessary moisture and mobility but cause such virulent infections that they have overpowered almost all anti-fungals on the market (inc systemics like Fluconazole and Ketoconazole)Only very high doses work. & hten onlyto supress not cure.So I don’t use Estrogen any more. Estriol (Ovesten E3) had been shown inudies to cause azole -resistant thrush. This happened to me after 5 tries. Estradiol (E2 Vagifem) doesn’t cause quick resistance, but still, the infections are horrible and the anti0fungals can only work after hormones are stopped. This still leaves me with recurrent thrush from abrasion ( when I outalk the lubricant) Doctors/naturopaths forget about candida from dermatological trauma. This does not really work with the intestinal treatments. Anyway, can you lobby Kolorex to make a TT free cream? Kin regards.Daria

    • Hi Daria – thanks for your comment and request. We’ll definitely pass your suggestion to Kolorex for you – I’m sure they’re very interested to know what people want/need. All the best, Anya

    • Hi Daria

      Kolorex Intimate Care creams was one of the first commercial creams to stop using parabins and other artificial preservatives, about 12 years ago. A small percentage of lemon tea tree oil is an essential part of our natural preservative system (as well as being a strong anti-yeast, anti-Candida agent in its own right). We have never had any other complaints about the inclusion of tea tree oils and recommend on the tube that people sensitivity test a small amount prior to intimate use. There is a very high percentage of aloe vera extract in Kolorex Intimate Care cream and I wonder if topical use of a straight aloe vera gel might give some relief.

      Another approach would be to use an oral Kolorex product, developed to target intestinal Candida outgrowth but a recent randomised study involving 82 women who suffered from recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis achieved a 78% success rate against this condition. This was similar to that of the pharmaceutical product itraconazole, with fewer relapses. See for more details. The successful Kolorex oral regime was 1 capsule twice a day for 4 weeks, then for the first 2 weeks of each month for a total of 6 months.

      Peter (Forest Herbs Research Ltd)

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