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  • Andrea

    I love Chia Seeds! I have them every day mixed into my Porridge which I make with Vanilla Soy Milk and topped with a Protein Powder, Sunflower Seeds, chopped Banana and coconut oil! Awesome as a lunch to get through the day.

  • Hi Katie, I just had to try your tea…because it sounds so weird :o) But it’s actually quite yummy, a bit strange to start off with but really quite nice! Thanks for the recipe, Candy

  • Hi Natasha, Last night I made your Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding. Wow what a treat! It’s a great dessert option for vegan friends too. Now I know how good it is…it’s going to be hard to leave it to chill and set next time I whip it up. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Toni

    • Natasha

      Hi Toni, its hard to resist isnt it! I often just walk past and grab a spoonful every now and then lol. Definately yum with fruit on top too, sometimes i wizz it up with a banana for the kids to stretch it out further. Ive recently cut out dairy (4 days ago) to help my little 6 month old, so this sort of food is a must in my diet!

  • Kathy

    I read an article that referred to sushi made with quinoa (instead of rice) and chia ‘gel’ to help the quinoa bind together. Has anyone experimented with this and have some idea of the quantity/method?