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  • Penny Duffell

    I love this article! Not only is it easy to understand (very clever by the way) but it is so true! I have been giving my 1.5 year old a dose of sambucus each day for the last few months and she has only once fallen to the clutches of a cold (despite being around many unwell people). When she did get a cold, it only lasted 2 days and she was back to full health again.

    I recommend sambucus to everyone who moans about being sick! LOVE IT! And, what’s more, healthpost have it cheaper than anywhere else and delivered directly to your deathbed, I mean door.

    Thanks healthpost 🙂

    • Hi Penny, thanks so much for sharing your experience and the wonderful feedback! Much appreciated :o) Regards, Candy

  • anon

    Great article, thank you.

    Also on the subject of nutrition for viruses… Lysine (an amino acid) is very effective in stopping an outbreak of herpes virus (cold sores or genital herpes) if you take a few grams when you get those first tell-tale aches/throbs. Apparently it also shortens the healing time if the outbreak does occur.

    • Thanks for your comments. Yes absolutely – Lysine is indicated in relief from herpes and we get good feedback on it’s use in this capacity. A range of Lysine supplements are available for secure purchase from our online shop, accompanied by reviews and more detailed info. Regards, Abel

  • HealthNut24

    Please note that the information is a bit incorrect and very misleading, as the product you refer people to has no clinical evidence to support it. The clinicals for elderberry were done using Sambucol, and sambucus is NOT formerly Sambucol, but a different extraction entirely.

    • Hi there HealthNut24, please see below for a comment by the article author Rachel Dawson, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist (Hons), Health & Herbs International:

      “Yes, the first company to make a standardized Elderberry extract was indeed Sambucol. Nature’s Way® distributed the Sambucol® product under their label for a number of years and then decided to produce their own almost identical product via a German company, which uses a very similar extraction process. In actual fact, the Nature’s Way® Sambucus standardized extract actually yields a higher concentration of anthocyanin’s and provides double the concentration of elderberry per 10mL serve.

      Yes, some of the initial research on black elderberry was performed on the Sambucol® product, yet it is not the only positive research on black elderberry. In fact, research on the extract used within the Nature’s Way® Sambucus product ( shows that the extract is active against human pathogenic bacteria as well as influenza viruses. All of the information I used to write the article was either from this study or from the large amount of historical data and in vitro data, so in fact the article is not misleading at all.

      To say that elderberry is only effective when it is bottled and called Sambucol® is not only dismissive to the obvious medicinal magic of black elderberry and the centuries of historical use but also the documented musings of the fathers of modern medicine – Hippocrates, Pliny and Hildegard von Bingen, who celebrated the value of black elderberry for warding off and curing the common cold- I don’t think they were using Sambucol, do you?”