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  • Amanda Moore

    This article has many salient points. However it has missed out on addressing several features of irondeficiency. Individuals on anticoagulants, for examples, are at increased risk of iron deficiency. This risk is increased expodentially if they are also vegetarians or just deleting red meat from their diets. Indeed tis often a combination or cluster of variables that leads to a deficiency not merely ONE factor.
    Many women would not classify them selves as vegetarians or vegan however are not taking in enough iron.
    Of note raised fingernails (ridges ) and eating ice amongst other signs as well as massive irritability are also common signs when the deficiency is severe and anemia is impending.

    It is also worth noting that once iron reserves are severely depleted a GP may suggest always suppliementing as those resevrves may never be sustainable without some suplementation at intervals again.

    People should not ever assume that they are iron deficient and begin to take supplements.Almost as bad as being deficient-as with all vitamin supplementation.

    • Toni

      Hi Amanda, thanks for raising further important discussion points regarding iron deficiency. We’re in absolute agreement that each person’s health is unique and finding the balance that suits you best, as an individual, is the goal. The article does suggest to check with your doctor who will do a simple pathology test to check both your iron stores and your haemoglobin levels to see if you are deficient and if treatment is needed. Best wishes, Toni

  • LyndaWaitakere

    I was looking exceptionally pale including the inside skin of my eye and very tired and unfocussed so went for a blood test. It showed no signs of my being iron deficient. However as nothing else was suggested as a remedy, I decided to try an iron supplement of my own accord. Within days I was feeling 100% better, not so tired and certainly more focussed. So what’s the answer there? Faulty blood test?

    • Hello Lynda. Thanks for your query which I have passed on to our naturopath to answer. As she works part time, there may be a small wait but I should be able to post her response later this week. Best wishes, Anya

      • Hello again. Our naturopath is in fact on annual leave for a while, so unfortunately will be unable to respond here. It’s interesting that the blood test didn’t show up an iron deficiency but you found an iron supplement to be beneficial. I wonder whether there were any other minerals or vitamins in the supplement that could have contributed to your renewed health. It could be a good idea to mention it to your GP in case it was an inaccurate blood test – they might want to know. Ethical Nutrients recently launched a new product called ‘Zinc Test’ which you may be interested in. It is essentially a taste test. You take a dose and the taste in your mouth indicates whether you have an iron deficiency or not. You can find it on our website at I hope this is helpful. Best wishes, Anya