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  • Lea

    No I have not used Ivy before. I wish I had paid more attention while in Europe. It was a job of mine to remove ivy from wherever and whatever it clung to!! I do however use Kawakawa leaves with wonderful results. It is used by many people over here. My friend uses it for eczema where nothing the doctors gave would work. Its used for cancers, arthritis, sexual disease and bronchitis. I would like to know how to prepare the Ivy for use internally thanks.

    • Hi Lea, thanks for your feedback. I’ve contacted the Naturopath who’s written the article to find out more about the preparation of ivy leaf and will get back to you as soon as I’ve heard from her. In the meantime you may find this page useful which talks about different uses of ground ivy I hope this is helpful. Cheers, Candy

  • Hi again Lea, please find below the reply from Jane, the Naturopath who has written the article: ” The main issue with preparing herbs is to firstly make sure you have identified the correct plant, otherwise it may be poisonous or just have no medical actions at all.
    Ivy leaf can be dried, made into tinctures or brewed as a tea.
    As most herbalists train for three years, I would suggest that to make adequate herbal preparations that attending some basic herbal courses be a must or at least be shown by a trained herbalist how to do it.”