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  • Lynda

    Very interesting but absolutely NO information on how to achieve that balance/ “Your diet” isn’t enough, I’m afraid.
    I happen to have a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, eat little meat (but eat fish), I never have takeaways or indeed, any of the goods Jason says lead to poor health, because I long ago learned to stay away from the “pure. white and deadly” aspects of the supermarket diet.
    Jason says: If you can keep your body tissue somewhere around 7.4 then it is very difficult to get sick or diseased”

    And yet people quite obviously DO become sick, even on the ideal diet – so what’s the answer???

  • Kathryn Ferguson

    Can understand how you feel, I also have a very strict diet regime only chicken & fish, lots of fresh veg and fruit, no breads, takeaways or stodge and my cholesterol is still high at 6.4. I have purchased an Orp Water Ionizer so that my daily ph levels are kept above 7.5. (Consuming 2ltr daily). My body is the most regular it has been in years (elimination), no drugs and feeling really well, weight down from 62kg to 55kg Still yet to have a blood test to see if cholesterol has changed. I will still press on regardless as statins, aspirin and reflux tablets were causing too many side effects. Good luck, so much information out there to help us make better choices, lets face it we only get one chance. Looking forward to getting Jason’s book, he is an inspiration.

  • Jen

    You raise a good point Lynda. I personally believe there is no one grand thing you can do (meaning just a really healthy diet for example) that will protect you from sickness. I believe in Yin and Yang. Its a culmination of things. To achieve the best health we can we need lots of things in place. The food we eat, regular fasting, exercise, balance and lifestyle, quality sleep, correct breathing, careful selection/reduction/elimination of what we put ON our bodies (creams, shampoo, hairdyes, sunblock), adequate Vitamin D, mental attitude, spiritualism, a love of life (and yes it is good for your health to wear rose-coloured glasses), gratitude, meditation, yoga, and a defiance to not get sucked in by media and green halo marketing, or green washing as some refer it to. In other words, do your research! There is so much mis-information out there, even “health supplements” can be full of “not so good” ingredients. Lots of products that are labelled “natural” are very misleading and unfortunately they prey on our ignorance and emotions. Really all a lot of companies are doing is taking your hard earned cash. Sorting this our for ourselves and making really smart choices takes time and effort and you have to be so determined, and some may even think us quirky, but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. Here’s a big cliche, Life is too short! It’s true.