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  • Wendy

    Hi Jason, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the chapters and am really looking forward to the book!
    The one question I have is where do I buy the seeds and that to grow the sprouts? Like the chick peas – do you mean out if a tin? I’m just stuck on where to look for these in the supermarket.
    Many thanks!

    • Toni

      Thanks for your comment Wendy, I’ll be sure to pass it onto Jason. 😮 His information and ideas sure are enlightening and inspiring aren’t they? If you have the opportunity to hear him speak, I absolutely recommend the experience…I came away feeling informed and determined to make changes toward ‘exceptional health’. For your sprout seeds, I’d suggest to try a natural food shop or online retailer. Your seeds will need to be non heat treated so that they are still alive and able to grow for you. Kingsseeds has a range online as well as sprouting lids that screw straight onto preserving jars. That makes the rinsing very easy. I like to make a combination of mung, blue pea, adzuki and lentils. Welcome to the world of sprouting! I hope this helps you to enjoy your crunchy treats. Cheers, Toni