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  • Tania

    I have been taking Vit D supplements for quite a few years now. The GP discovered I was low on it via a blood test. I just never ever went out in the sun.I have recently moved onto a farm and spend a bit of each (fine) weekend day in the sun. Last Saturday I mowed the lawns with a singlet on (instead of a long sleeved shirt) My goodness… the awesome feeling later on that day within my body was just amazing. I felt tingly and buzzy right into my bones. It was just simply nice! (Not something I got from taking the supplements). I work full time and don’t get much chance to be in the sun after work… I hope the weather God’s can give us more sunny weekends aye. And if not, I will continue to take my supplements just to ensure good health. Can you tell me how much sun I would need to have so I can stop taking the supplements?