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  • I take magnesium supplement daily as well as eat a healthy diet. I believe that magnesium contributes to my well-being as I stay calm and sleep well. Many people are low in magnesium, and in our high powered stressful world, it is something that we cannot afford to be low on.

  • liz ryder

    My osteopath got me onto magnesium after I complained about being in a constant state of cramp in my dancing feet !!! She knew I suffered from painful pmt cramps too and that my sleeping was up and down, sometimes relying on a sleeping pill to nod me off.

    Since using magnesium all has changed! I sleep so much better now, and am able to switch off at the end of the day with ease. My pmt is heaps better and I don’t get crampy body parts after exercise. Infact, after an intense training seesion and the body’s sore, I throw back magnesium before bed, and the recovery is so much faster and sorted for the next day.

  • sheryl

    my holistic Dr Glen Davies prescribed me large doses of magnesium via the Clinicians range, Fibrodol, for fibromyalgia…it worked a treat! Its expensive tho

  • Lynda Finn

    It was my doctor who recommended magnesium (isn’t THAT a turn up for the books?) rather than prescribe a conventional drug when I began showing the above symptoms. I have benefitted very much from taking magnesium and recently a naturopath adviced taking chelated magnesium as that is better absorbed.