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  • Isaac McCully

    I have tried the Montmorency Cherry But have recieved no benefit from taking it.

  • Ron

    I have used the real melatonin capsules that used to be sold in N.Z before the polititions decided for no good reason to prohibit the sale, and the tart cherry is no where near the same, does not work.waste of time and money.

    • Vicky

      In regards to Ron’s comment above – I access Melatonin 3mg tablets via my GP for my daughter. It is a bit more expensive at over $1 a tab but I have found because it is more concentrated then some natural remedies it works better for her. It is a controlled drug now which is why it needs to be prescribed by a medical practitioner. It also can take a few days for the Pharmacy to get it in (my pharmacy has to get it sent from a secure location in Auckland) so I have to give a weeks notice before it runs out. Hope this comment might help you get a good nights sleep.

    • Toni

      Thanks for your comment Ron. Melatonin is indeed a registered medicine, as Vicky advises above, in New Zealand and therefore only available on prescription to treat a melatonin deficiency when the pineal gland production is inadequate. Tart cherry skins are the richest known source of naturally occuring substances that helps with restoration of the body’s natural circadian rhythm and supports and maintains deep, healthy sleep. I’m sorry to hear that tart cherry didn’t suit your needs Ron, it sure can be frustrating to not have enough sleep. I hope you find a solution soon. Take care, Toni (HealthPost)

  • Lis

    I am looking forward to trying it and having a good night sleep.