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  • Roelie Hughes

    Which cell salt should I take for my nails? They have ridges and 2 fingers look a bit distorted. My nails have always been hard but the 2 distorted ones are thin and chip easy. Thanks Roelie

  • Rachel

    HI I was wondering what tissue salt would help me? I am having pains from Gallstones.
    Thanks Rachel

    • Thanks for your query Rachel.

      Our staff Naturopath, Kristie, has provided a response as follows:

      I would suggest trying the Combination E tissue salts for colicky pains. Mag Phos, cell salt 8 could also help, but try the Combination E first.

  • Melissa

    Hi there i know someone that had great results with tissue salts improving their varicose veins. would you suggest someone very low in iron take the fer phos? or is it better to just take an iron supplement?

    • Thanks for your query Melissa.

      Our staff Naturopath, Kristie, has provided a response as follows:

      Hi Melissa, Taking the Ferr Phos can help you uptake and utilise iron from your diet more efficiently. If you have little iron in your diet or have been identified as having iron-deficient anaemia, you would do well to take an iron supplement as well. Make sure you don’t exceed the daily recommended dose.

  • Francesca

    A good article and I wholeheartedly agree that it is simply incredible what health improvements mineral supplementation can bring. I would like to add that I believe fat supplementation (omega 3) can also have profoundly positive effects on both physical and emotional/neurological health conditions such as anxiety disorders (OCD, GAD), depression, ADHD, etc. It is worth noting that countries with very high consumption of omega fats, such as Japan, Iceland and Hong Kong, have the lowest rates of depression, biploar disorder, and homicide, for example.

    • Thanks for your comment Francesca. We completely agree and some more info on the health benefits of Omega 3 can be found in Carolyn’s excellent Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids article in the HealthPost Library. I wonder if you’ve perhaps seen July’s edition of North & South magazine? We found the cover story on natural health to be biased to the point of irresponsible 🙁 So disappointing when a major publication like this can’t even get to grips with the basic fact of dietary supplements often simply representing more convenient sources of vital nutrients which might otherwise be found in an ideal human diet. North & South seem to be of the view that all ‘alternative medicine’ equates to unsubstantiated quackery based on outrageous and unproven claims of efficacy! Excuse the rant – it just really gets my goat when, as you point out, the link between these nutrients and positive health outcomes has been established at the level of entire populations!

      Thanks again. Best, Abel

  • Marie

    I would love to know what Tissue Salts to use for heartburn every day around middayish. I can take Losec or Gaviscon and all is ok but I’m not ok with that and would love firstly to know what causes this (ball park) and then what to use thereafter. Salts sound great to me. Thanks

    • Thanks for your query Marie.

      Our staff Naturopath, Kristie, has advised as follows:

      Hi Marie, You can try Combination C for heartburn, and if this doesn’t work then Nat Sulph, cell salt 11. The causes of heartburn include the consumption of too many acidic drinks such as coffee or alcohol, smoking, poor upper digestion – use digestive enzymes, and/or or poor lower digestion – use fibre or laxatives. Slippery elm can also help with the symptoms of heartburn.

  • Marie

    Thanks for the reply very much appreciated. Will try what is recommended. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol and haven’t smoked for over 30years and take fibre daily so will be happy to try anything that is natural. Cheers

    • Lulu

      Hi Marie,

      I often get heartburn (or indigestion) from wheat/gluten products. Some get it from dairy. I also find that veges like onions (red) give me bad heartburn.
      Probiotics are great for that sort of thing as well….. I also find having a glass of milk (that is if you are not lactose-free) helps…

      Good luck,

  • Kate Tester

    I use homeopathics regularly, and would like to know if I can use Tissue Salts alongside those, or should they be used one in place of the other? Also, my books on Homeopathy don’t mention Tissue Salts, would you be able to recommend a book that gives me the information I need to for using them? Thankyou

    • Hi Kate,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Our staff naturopath, Kristie, has provided a response as follows:

      “In answer to your question, yes you can use tissue salts alongside homeopathy, and no, they should not be used in place of each other in my opinion as they have different theoretical mechanisms of action. Tissue salts are meant to re-establish the correct cellular mineral balance and in time heal illnesses that stem from this imbalance. Homeopathy works more on a purely energetic level as all but the weakest homeopathic potencies do not contain any of the original material substances. For a further explanation on the ‘mysterious’ workings of homeopathy consult your books; For further information on tissue salts, we have a popular guide available for sale on our website as follows – The Biochemic Handbook.”

      I hope this helps.

      Cheers, Abel

  • Kate Tester

    Thanks very much for your reply Abel, that really helps!

  • Leslie Myers

    Wondering about the safety of taking salts while breast feeding. I’m worried about any type of detoxing which may occur and the effect that may have on my milk. I have zinc, cal fluoride, and silica stocked at home. I’ve been told that silica has detoxing properties and the toxins will find their way into my milk. Should be concerned about any other salts?

    • Toni

      Thanks for your inquiry Leslie. Our staff Naturopath, Kristie, has provided the following answer to your comment: Any detoxifying properties that silica may have in the material form are not transferred to silica in the form of a mineral salt. The function of mineral salts is to encourage your body to utilise the existing minerals more efficiently in your body. You are not actually supplementing with the minerals themselves, therefore they are all completely safe. I hope this answers your question.


    hey there i have extreme pain in the left side of my rib cage at the moment im wondering if there is anything i can take for this as none of the pain relievers are doing anything

    • Toni

      Dear Hayley, I’m so sorry to hear of your discomfort and pain. Please feel free to contact us by phone 0800 148 148 or email [email protected] to discuss the different reasons for what is causing the pain and our Customer Service team may then be able to make suggestions as to what may ease your pain. Please take care meanwhile. Best wishes, Toni

  • angi

    Hi could you tell me please the best tissue salt for continous styes…also excema

    • Hi Angi, thanks for your query.

      We would advise you to try Schuessler Silica for treatment of styes – bacteria in the eye area are likely to be the cause of the infection. The homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis may also be of interest.

      Boosting your system with Vitamin C and Zinc to help the body become more resistant to infection would be a very good idea.

      For Eczema, try the New Era Tissue Salt Combination D (listed for pimples but also good for Eczema) – I believe there is still one in stock, although they have been difficult to get hold of recently from our supplier. Alternatively you can try Schuessler Kali Sulph.

      Also helpful for Eczema are Silica (due to cleansing properties for the skin), omega supplements, evening primrose oil and a probiotic such as Eczema Shield.

      We hope you find something here that helps these conditions. Warm regards, Anya

    • Benjamin Sheldon

      You have got to love those tissue salts!

  • Jackie

    Hi there, can you help me choose which salts are best for me. i have some arthrytis in my hands, lower back and shoulders and also suffer from IBS at times. When i travel especixlly my tummy plays up. i was thinking that Rheumatism Comb M and Indigestion CombE are good but also was going to purchase General tonic Comb12. Am i doubling up on salts ? thanks for you help with this:)

    • Hi Jackie,

      You are choosing well for the IBS and Arthritis/Rheumatism. We would see no problems with the doubling up of Calc Phos and Nat Sulph with these two combinations. Maybe combination E and M would be more effective and as a general tonic have a look at a liquid one – Greenridge MultiVital – Whole Body Tonic.

      We would also like to recommend the Schuessler Tissue Salts Handbook – small, concise and easy to read and understand – it’s a health manual and only $9.50 and a great guide in using cell salts for all ailments.

      I hope this helps.

  • Sara

    Hi there, I was wondering what you would recommend for acne? I see on it suggest these salts are good for this. Would love your advice to.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Sara,

      Kristie, our naturopath, advises … ‘Tissue salts for acne include No. 3 Calc Sulph, No. 7 Kali Sulph, or No. 12 Silica. Alternatively you can take the Combination D tissue salts which contains all of these remedies and is specific for skin complaints. Other herbs for acne you could try are Yellow Dock, Burdock and Red Clover. You might also like to consult with a naturopath for a full consultation as it is a good idea to address the underlying cause of acne which could involve a range of things including hormonal imbalances, toxic overload or immune dysfunction.’

      I hope this helps,

  • J

    What would you recomend for joint pain, inflamation, allergies, low iron and premenopausal .

    • Hi J – I passed your question to Kristie and here is her response. Apologies for the delay as she works part-time for us. Best wishes, Anya
      ‘Hi J, Being a naturopath I look into all of the herbs, nutrients etc. when addressing multiple health issues. Given that you have a few things going on, I am immediately thinking well beyond tissue salts. You really need to address your diet and lifestyle for all of this, preferably with the help of a natural health professional. The Ferrum Phos would be a good tissue salt to encourage the utilisation of iron in the body but you need to make sure your iron stores are adequate as well. The Combination H tissue salt would be helpful for your allergies and Combination M could help with your joint issues. You need to take these for a decent period of time – be persistent! Best wishes, Kristie’

  • Carmel Totani

    Dear Kristie
    I have had internal bleeding haemorrhoids for the past 2.5 years and also have nails that break easily and my hair is always quite dry, thin and lifeless. I am 60 years old and take compounded progesterone and oestrogen. Also have a L5 disc bulge.
    I would be so very grateful for your advice as to what Tissue Salts I should take and if they would be helpful for me.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Carmel – I forwarded your comment to Kristie and here is her response. Our apologies for the delay in replying … Kristie has been very busy and works part-time for us. Thanks for your patience, Anya

      ‘Hi Carmel, Thanks for your inquiry. For your nails I would suggest the Combination K and the Calc Fluor should help with the haemorrhoids. If there is back pain the Combination G can ease this. You might like to consider Ferr Phos in the case of consistent blood loss with your haemorrhoids along with a standard iron supplement for a while. You could also try a supplement specific for veins that contains Horsechestnut. For further help, see a natural health practitioner in your area. All the best, Kristie’

  • Lucy

    I have a lot of pain in the pads of my heels. What tissue salts do you recommend to stop the inflammation and pain? I have been advised to wear gel heel inserts in my shoes. This has only been partially successful. Some days pain is minor, other days excruciating.
    I’m hoping tissue salts can help.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Lucy, I’m sorry to hear that you’re suffering with such pain. Our Naturopath would suggest the Martin and Pleasance Combination I for fibrositis, muscular pain and inflammation, and possibly the Combination P for aching feet and legs if desired unless you think it might be bone pain in which case the Calc Phos may be helpful. You may also like to try the Ethical Nutrients hi Strength Fish Oil and Turmeric for inflammation; and/or the Traumeel liquid or tablets and the Traumeel Gel or Ointment for topical application (this would probably be really helpful if you are consistent with it). I hope this helps! Best wishes, Toni (HealthPost)

  • Gabrielle

    I heard that cell salts may help with animals that have skin allergies. Which ones do you recommend?

    • Hello Gabrielle. Any or all of the below may be given to your animal for skin allergies:

      Cell Salt all Skin Disorders – Combination D, acne, eczema, dermatitis & scaly skin.

      Calc Sulph – Blood Cleanser & Skin Disorders

      Kali Sulph Skin Ailments & Poor Hair Condition

      Silica – Cleanser & Conditioner, Hair, Skin & Nails.

      Thank you for your query. Best wishes, Anya

  • karen stevens

    please can you advise as to what I can take for a weak back, on the left side, which also causes pain in my right leg. I suffer from sore muscles and inflammation especially in my right leg and also a lot of inflammation in my joints. The pain also makes me depressed and tired and grumpy. I also have weak hip bones, and struggle to walk.


    • Hi Karen. It sounds like you have quite in depth bone / muscle condition(s), so it would be best for you to contact a health professional in your area for the best advice.

      A high quality Fish Oil (like Ethical Nutrients Hi-Strength Fish Oil) along with Turmeric are likely to help reduce inflammation.

      Astaxanthin is an anti-oxidant that can be beneficial for joint issues, also found in the formula Astajoint on which we get very good feedback.

      Osteoactives is an excellent formula, containing plant botanicals and oxygen as well as herbs minerals, vitamin K etc.
      Zen Joint and Muscle or Anti-Flamme are likely to give some relief if applied topically.

      The above are probably the best options we have, White Willow would provide some pain relief.

      We do get some pretty good feedback on most of these, Melbourne hospital orthopaedic dept recommends the fish oil for those with arthritic/ osteo type conditions.

      I hope that you find something here that will give you some relief. Please do see a naturopath or other health professional though, as they can be more accurate with recommendations for your particular needs.

      Best wishes, Anya

  • j birch

    I have 2 inguinnal hernias. i was told to take cell salts to keep the muscles strong around the torn tissue. which ones would you recommend?

    • Hi Julio
      The best combination in your case would be Silica with Calc Fluor for tissue strengthening and elasticity, plus Calc Phos and Mag Phos to build new cells and help relieve any pain. Ferr Phos would also help with pain and inflammation.
      Martin & Pleasance Combination R provides the perfect combination of each of these 5 tissue salts.
      best regards

  • Keren

    Hello, I have had Type 1 Diabetes for over 30 years, I am pretty healthy, but wondered if you have any suggestions which would be of help for continuing good health
    Thank you

    • Hello Keren. Our naturopath, Kristie, has the following advice:

      Good nutrition is important for ongoing optimal health. Taking nutritious supplements such as spirulina, wheat or barley grass, protein powder, acai powder, and noni or goji juice will provide good nutrition for the body to repair itself and help biochemical processes to happen more effectively. Another couple of things you might like to consider are the Cellfood or the Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Plus. For specific help with regards to Diabetes Type I and any other individual health issues please consult with a naturopath.

      I hope this helps. Best wishes, Anya

  • Janet Joyce

    Hi I have FIBROMYALGIA is there a spacific type of salts for the inflammation and pain?I sure hope so,looking forward to your respond.

    • Hi Janet. We would suggest the following salts for your condition …

      Ferr phos is excellent for muscle soreness and stiffness in initial stages of inflammation. The pain is worse at night and from motion.
      Nat phos is useful in many cases of rheumatic complaints, as most are associated with overacidic conditions. The sweat is sour and an acidic taste is present in the mouth.
      Kali sulph is recommended when the pains shift and wander, worse in hot, stuffy atmospheres and in the evening; better in the cool, open air and while moving.
      Use Calc phos for cold, numb muscles, worse at night and in cold, wet weather; relieved by rest and warmth.
      Mag phos is excellent for sharp, stabbing pains, relieved by warmth and aggravated by cold. Muscle contractions and associated twitching are also helped by this remedy.

      These can be purchased individually or alternatively you will find them all in Combination 5 – Nerve Tonic, so you may prefer to try this.

      We also have a section on our site for Fybromyalgia which may be of interest.

      I hope you find something here to help with the inflammation and pain Janet.

      Season’s greetings and best wishes, Anya

  • Courtney

    Hello- a question.
    i am trying to conceive and currently in my two week wait, and I suspect that i might be pregnant.

    i have a history of miscarriages (2), the first at 12 weeks pregnant (missed miscarriage 8 months ago followed by D & C, the second at 6 weeks (2 months ago, natural miscarriage at home.)

    I occasionally suffer from skin problems, including some small cysts occasionally on the shoulder, thighs, chin, or groin. When not pregnant, i’ve had good experienced with Silicea resolving the breakouts/cysts very quickly.

    I have an inflamed spot on the mid-thigh of my left leg at the moment (red at the edges, pus filled, hard and tender), and would like to use Silicea to treat it. I’m 10 days past ovulation, and I don’t want to jeopardize an early pregnancy by doing this, as I’ve heard that Silicea can be abortive.

    Is this true, and would it be safe to take a dose of silicea 30C?

    Thank for the advice!

    • Hi Courtney, thanks for your query which I passed to our naturopath, Kristie. Here is her response …

      ‘I would suggest taking silica in the cell salt form as this will be safe if you are pregnant. This is the Martin and Pleasance brand and the Silica is a 6x potency. A stronger homeopathic such as 30C wouldn’t be recommended without going to see a homeopath. I don’t see the problem with applying some of the silica gel directly on the inflamed spot either if you wanted to do that.

      I hope this helps. All the best for your pregnancy.

      Kind Regards

      If you have any further questions Courtney, please feel free to email our customer service team on [email protected] and Kristie (or another member of our team) will be able to help you.

      Best wishes,

  • Heidi Stane

    I am pregnant and breastfeeding. I just won a Hyland’s contest and they sent me a bottle of a multiple cell salts combination. Can I safely take this? I also have an 18 month old, can I give this to her as well? More specifically, she has two front teeth that are disintegrating, is there a specific cell salt that she needs? Thanks

    • Toni (HealthPost)

      Hi Heidi, thanks for your email. Our Naturopath, Kristie has the following answer for you which we hope will help:
      I am not sure what Hylands is, but if the product is the same as the Schuessler Combination 12 General Tonic (HealthPost ranges the Martin and Pleasance brand), then yes, it is safe to take in pregnancy and it is safe for your daughter as well. I would recommend the Combination R for Painful Teeth for your daughter at the moment. Just give her this one by itself for a while until you see an improvement in her teeth. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Kristie Laurantus, BNat.

  • Ange

    Hi there,
    This is the first I have heard of Tissue Salts and I am very intrigued.
    I have a lot of back pain, muscle pain and cramps at night. I take a microgenics magnesium capsule for the muscle cramps and I am due to restock, however it seems these Mag Phos tablets will benefit me. Now after reading the blog it sounds like ALL the Tissue Salts are all wonderful and useful!!
    In the article it says,
    “It’s best to work out which specific salts your body needs, because taking a random combination may mean they will cancel each other out in terms of action and symptom relief.”
    How would I find out what I am deficient in overall?

    • Toni (HealthPost)

      Hi Ange, thanks for your inquiry. Our HealthPost Naturopath offers the following suggestions which we hope assists your understanding of what is going on for you:

      The best way to find what you are deficient in is to look for any symptoms you may have. For example, if you have a weakness in your blood vessels such as varicose veins, or perhaps a skin condition, then you would need calcium fluoride for strengthening connective tissue. The combination remedies are made up for specific ailments with the right mix of individual cell salts for these issues. It makes it fairly easy – just look for whatever ails you and choose the combination that suits. Take the chosen remedy for a while – the general rule is to take it for one month for every year you’ve had the condition. You can take more than one combination at the same time if you have 2 urgent things going on for you, eg. Fatigue and Painful Teeth (Combinations F and R). Best to treat the most urgent condition first as a rule. Please have a look at our combination remedies to see if there is anything that stands out to you. I hope this is helpful. Kind regards, Kristie Laurantus, BNat.

      Thanks again Ange for your question. Please do see a naturopath or other health professional for further guidance, as they can be more accurate with recommendations for your particular needs. Best wishes, Toni (HealthPost)

      • Ange

        Hi Kristie,
        Thanks for the info.
        I’m looking at going for the combinations for fatigue and lumbago, topped off with the restless legs spray.
        Does that sound ok to you?

        • Hi Ange – Kristie will be back in on Wednesday so I’ll pass your comment to her then. You can always contact us via email too … [email protected] and Kristie (or another member of our team) will be able to help you.
          Best wishes, Anya

        • Hi again Ange. Here is Kristie’s response to your question. Many thanks for your patience, Anya

          Hi Ange,

          Yes, the Fatigue and Lumbago remedies with the Restless Legs are fine together. Just make sure you take them at different times, ie. the Fatigue and Lumbago over the day at least 10 minutes apart from each other, and the Restless Legs before bed at night, perhaps a few doses half an hour apart from each other.

          Don’t forget to work on your health in other ways as well. Taking a good base supplement for energy is imperative, especially if you have issues with fatigue. I particularly like the Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Plus. Spirulina in big doses is great as well (2-3 tablespoons or 20-30 tablets per day) – this is a whole food so overdosing is not really an issue. Cellfood is also a great product.

          I hope this helps.
          All the best!

  • Tosh

    Hi, I would like to know which cell salt to take for anxiety and head jerking..Thank you.

    • Hello Tosh – I passed your query to our naturopath & here is her response. Best wishes, Anya

      Hi Tosh, It is a good idea to consult with a doctor for a diagnosis about the head jerking to eliminate the possibility of any serious issues. Otherwise, Mag phos may help this.
      Kind regards, Kristie Laurantus, BNat.

  • Chantelle

    I have a 6yr old with SVT heart condition, low muscle tone and sensory processing disorder. Are there any tissue salts that can help she gets weak and achey muscles and loses concentration.

    • Hello Chantelle. We passed your query to the good folks at Martin & Pleasance and here is their reply. Best wishes, Anya

      I would go for BE CALM in the Kidz Mineral Range as this is a combination I formulated to support infants and children under 12 with their uptake of nutrients from their diet and supplementation. This formula includes the 3 key phosphates – Mag Phos, Kali Phos & Calc Phos working synergistically to assist in restoring cellular balance. I would encourage initially for a few weeks 2 Be Calm 3 x per day and if the parents could crush 2 Mag Phos Tissue Salts in a little warm water for a few days before this child goes to bed – should do the trick.
      Susan Gianevsky –Dip Hom, B.Ed, (ITF’86)
      Brand Ambassador – Women’s Health

  • JCee

    I discovered my long time cough (thought it might have been asthma) was actually
    caused by gerd. Discovered this when it also turned into silent reflux affecting my
    throat and larynx (inflammation and laryngitis.).

    Started taking nat phos and it worked amazingly in two weeks! Cough is gone
    and no more laryngitis.

    Throat is still inflammed and a little sore after three weeks. Only use the nat phos
    at night now. Was wondering if it would be okay to try the fer phos for the inflammation.

    My main question is I hear nat phos is a ‘shy’ salt and can be overcome. So would
    it be safe to try the fer phos?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi JCee. The naturopath at Martin & Pleasance advises that Fer phos is indeed useful for 1st stage inflammation. And there is no reason why you can’t use fer phos as well as the nat phos. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Anya

  • Ged

    I have been taking cells salts for a while but still no change in my skin which is very dry, spider veins on cheek and a redish-pink round spot on the cheek whis is a little scaly.

    I am taking Calc-fl, Sil, Kali-sul, Calc-sul, ferr-ph, Calc-ph and Mag-phos. calc-f and Sil in D12

    Can someone tell me how long does they take to show results?

    • Hello Ged – here is the response from Meryl, homeopath and member of our customer service team. Best wishes, Anya

      Hi Ged

      So sorry that the cell salts you have been taking do not appear to have helped your skin.

      You say you have been using for a while – I wonder actually how long this has been. However if it was going to help you I would expect that after several weeks to have noticed some sort of change in your skin.

      I see that you are taking the Combination 12 General Tonic and wonder maybe just try the Skin Disorders Cell salt Combination D. There is a less Cell salts in this one with an added cell salt of Kali Mur and is especially formulated for dry, scaly. eczema, dermititis, acne prone skins.

      But I cannot guarantee that this will be perfect for you because as with all health supplements not all supplements suit everyone – as we are all unique and what works for one may not work for others.

      Also you may be interested in another product Artemis Vein Support Oral Liquid – supports circulation, healthy veins and capillaries and Natures Way Hydraplenish – Hyaluronic Acid . Have a read of these by clicking on these blue links.

      I do hope this is helpful for you and if I can help any further, please get back in touch with me.

      Cheers Meryll

  • Nikki

    Hello Is there a way I can private message to inquire about what would be the best tissue salt with the current physical ailment I am experiencing? It is a bit embarrassing so I would feel more comfortable addressing someone in a private message.. or even a number I can call? Thank you

    • Hi Nikki, You sure can contact our helpful Customer Service Team by any of the following methods: email us at [email protected], or Live Chat on our website between the hours of 9am – 4pm or Free Phone (NZ): 0800 148 148. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Korin

    Hi, my son is suffering from recurring boils. He got his first one in January this year and since then he has been on and off antibiotics but they keep coming back. Someone has recommended tissue salts. Will this help? Many thanks

    • Hi Korin, thanks for your question. Our Homeopath, Meryll suggests the following: “Tissue salts work on a cellular level through minerals and energetically, reminding your body how to heal itself.
      Quote from the Schuessler Tissue Salts Handbook “Common disorders which respond to the tissue salts include colds and flu, gastrointestinal upsets, slow healing wounds, skin disorders like dermatitis and dandruff, eye and ear infections, headaches, insomnia, irritability and many other aliments commonly encountered.” Maybe you could try the Scheussler Blood Cleanser Calc Sulph (–blood-cleanser-mp3l) for slow healing wounds, skin disorders or the Scheussler Skin Disorders Combination D (–disorders-mpcd). Maybe also some Probiotics, especially after the antibiotic treatment –– supporting the beneficial outcomes of the antibiotics and restoring the flora levels to a pre antibiotic level.

      One other suggestion would be if this conditions persists I would recommend you using a Naturopath so you can get a personalised prescription for your some and his symptoms.”

      I hope this is helpful Korin and that your son’s recurring boils reduce in their frequency. I personally use the Scheussler SILICA – Cleanser & Conditioner (–cleanser-and-conditioner-mp12l) which being a a hair, skin & nail nutrient, is for relief from symptoms associated with Pimples, Boils, Ulcers, Styes and Excessive perspiration. I’m still trying to work out what triggers my boil episodes which seems to happen when I get a bit run down.

      Best wishes and thanks again for your question, Toni (HealthPost)

  • Kirstee

    Hi there,
    I have been taking magnesium tablets for general well being and sleep issues. I am about to run out and need to replace them, wondering, as I have a huge aversion yo tablet taking, if cell salts might be the way to go. I know I’ll take them more regularly, but will they be as effective?
    Thanks so much.

  • Janet

    is nat sulph best remedy for eczema just starting in 4 month old baby, body covered in rash, worst swelling around neck, some crusts starting to form tks. maybe nat mur ??

  • Evelyn McLean

    Hi there I have been Recommended magnesium for myself, husband and father in-law, but before I go and buy some I would like to know what you would recommend for us with the tissue salts as this has also been recommended? Myself I have bad varicose veins especially in lower legs including varicose eczema plus have a tendency towards anxiety. My husband has psoriasis of the skin he has suffered several bone fractures including a compound fracture of his back although this happened over different stages he still gets aches and pain from those areas, he also suffers from insomnia able to get to sleep fine however wakes around 2am and unable to get back to sleep. His father has only one kidney as one was removed several yrs ago due to cancer he has had a triple bypass at 80yrs old and also doesn’t sleep well. He is active and still goes pig hunting, however his wife has dementia and this is causing extra stress on himself. I was thinking combination 12 for all of us but if you can pin point what you would recommend that would be fantastic as I’d like to started on them ASAP. Thanks

    • Hi Evelyn, thanks for your comment which I will forward to our naturopath. As she works part-time, please expect a reply later this week. Kind regards, Anya

      • Hi again Evelyn. I understand that our naturopath has chatted with you online now about your family’s needs. Here is her written response in case it is helpful for you (or someone else reading this blog). Kind regards, Anya …

        Hi Evelyn,

        Thanks for your query and your patience! The Combination 5: Nerve Tonic would be good for all three of you to take for a period of time – perhaps a few months, at a dose of at least 1, 4 times per day (you can take 2 tablets 4 times per day if you want to have a stronger effect). It is specific for conditions that effect the nervous system including the results of stress. It sounds like you all need this! You could all then take the Combination 12 General Tonic for a good period of time at the same dose – perhaps for a year or two! There are individual remedies that would help you with the tissue salts, but if you stay on the General Tonic for the time being, you won’t have to take these yet.
        You would also benefit from seeing a naturopath in your area for a thorough consultation.

        Kind Regards
        Kristie Laurantus, BNat.

  • tessa

    hi. i have a 6 week old daughter who is suffering from what we think is reflux. we have started giving her nat phos. we started 3 days ago giving her a 1/4 tablet as it states. then we up the dose to 1 tablet on the 2nd day after talking to a naturopath. giving her this after every feed. when would we notice an improvement?
    thank you

    • Hi Tessa, thanks for your query. Our naturopath Kristie has advised that you are dosing your baby correctly, and the cell salts should start to work fairly quickly, so perhaps you could try another one as well (keep going on the Nat phos for the time being). You might like to also try Mag phos which will help with spasms in the digestive tract. Give her the same dose as the Nat phos. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Anya

  • Ritue Sood

    My son is 11 and his immunity is very bad he is suffering from one or the other illness ( mouth sore,nose bleeding, stomach problem, cold, sinus) wanted to know what combination of tissue salt must I use for him

    • Hi Ritue, thanks for your question. Our naturopath, Kristie, suggests

      “Hello, I would suggest giving your son the Combination 12 tissue salts for chronic illness and continuing with this daily until you see some improvement with him. For acute illnesses on top of this, give him Combination T at the first stage of the illness.”

      We hope this helps your son. Kind regards, HealthPost

  • Ritue Sood

    Thanks for the response Kristie
    For how long must I give this him this combination

    • Hello Ritue. Our naturopath isn’t full time so apologies that she wasn’t able to reply immediately. This is her response …

      Hello and thanks again for your query, The general rule of thumb for tissue salts is to take them for 1 month for every year the person has had the condition, so if your son has been suffering from recurring illnesses and general poor immunity for 10 years, I would suggest giving him the Combination 12 for 10 months. The Combination T is meant to be taken as an acute remedy on top of the long-term Combination 12 to help relieve the symptoms when he does come down with an illness. Take this as it states, at the first sign of illness. I hope this is helpful.
      Kind regards, Kristie

  • Verity Rogers

    Hi there….Due to an allergic reaction from cutting up tree roots and tree pruning about 18 months ago, I have had trouble with hayfever/sinusitus ever since…..cattarh, cingestion, severe headaches in the morning…..6 rounds of antibiotics last year did nothing……nothing good anyway. I have only just started the Sinus Comb Q….I’m not sure of the best dose to start on so I’m taking 2 morning, 2 lunch, and 2 late evening. What dose do you suggest and what dose later for maintenance. Can I swallow them or should I be chewing them ? Thanks.

    • Hi Verity – With the Combination Q, for acute conditions take 1 tablet every half hour (up to 6 times daily) until symptoms subside. For chronic or maintenance dose, take 4 times daily. Tablets may be chewed or dissolved in a little warm water. We hope this is helpful for you.

      • Verity Rogers

        Thank you.

  • sixgunmama

    Love the tissue salt info. would like to repost it in my blog if that’s ok all the while giving reference to you as the author. I do have a question…the calcium fluoride salts help with connective tissue elasticity, as I have hip tendonitis, will those salts help with that condition?? thank you for your help….

    • Hi sixgunmama, thank you for your comment. We will email you regarding your repost request. In regards to your question about about calcium fluoride salts, here is the response from our naturopath … “Calc Fluor is a component of connective tissue, and can support issues involving the surface of bones. It might also be useful to take Ferr Phos alongside, for its ability to support acute or inflammatory conditions. Other suggestions to help would be anti-inflammatory herbs like Turmeric or Boswellia in combination with glucosamine.” We hope this is helpful for you. Kind regards, HealthPost

  • Guest

    Hi there, please could you advise me what to you for my terribly cracked hands? They are permanently cracked and sore on both sides. Sometimes I get like paper cuts that bleed and often bleeding knuckles when they’re really bad. Currently they are scaly and feel pretty claw like due to the dryness. Hope you can help my misery. Many thanks

    • Hi, thanks for your query. That sounds very painful and must be impacting on your life hugely. We think it would be important to go and see a health professional about this issue because there could be many reasons for it, so advising you, with so little information, isn’t the best option. There could be many reasons for your situation – it could be food intolerances, lack of certain nutrients, exposure to irritants, a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, or something else entirely. If you would like to see a naturopath, please find one through or visit your Dr. Once you have had a diagnosis, if you need any advice on suitable products you are welcome to use our LiveChat function on our website (available during working hours) or you could email our customer service team at [email protected]. We wish you all the best with a speedy resolution.

  • Aryllia Sings

    Hi I have chronic idiopathic urticaria and constantly get outbreaks everyday. It doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything I’m eating. It began when I started working in the health sector as a receptionist. When I first started I got sick often with colds, at first quite bad. I’d get a cold about once every 2-3 months. That’s when I started to get the outbreaks. Will taking cell salts help improve my immunity and settle it down and rid my body of any lingering hidden infections I.e. Viral? I also suffer from PCOS and was wondering if they might also help with this thanks 🙂

    • Hi Aryllia, I’m sorry to hear that you are having these troubles. It could be worth finding out what cleaning products are being used at your new job because the urticaria started when you started there. It could also pay to improve your immunity with herbal medicine rather than tissue salts in this instance.

      Because it sounds like you have a few things going on with your health and in order for you to get the best result, I would advise you to contact a Registered Naturopath in your area through
      All the best
      Liz Jury, Registered Naturopath for HealthPost

  • jfish

    Recently was told I had endometrioid adenocarcinoma FIGO grade 2.
    Looking for alternatives to surgery…suggestions welcomed.

    • Hi, we’re sorry to hear this. The best care we could offer would be to advise that you see health practitioners who specialise in uterine cancer. If you want to work with your Doctor in an integrative way with a naturopath, you could visit to find a naturopath in your area. All the best with finding the best treatment for you.

  • firerooster

    Hi! so very interested in cell salts..I suffer from anxiety and insomnia. I have ordered Nerve Tonic, Calms Forte, Bioplasma and biochemic phrosphate. just need to know about dosing?

    • Hello there … we’re not sure about Calms Forte and Bioplasma – these are not products we stock so we assume you have bought these elsewhere? We’re also not sure about the biochemic phrosphate – unless you perhaps mean Kali Phos? You don’t specify the brand (dosage will vary from brand to brand) but if it is Schuessler, please check our website for doasage You also haven’t specified which brand of Nerve Tonic so if you mean The Schuessler Nerve Tonic, this also has dosage directions on our website (these vary on whether you are taking tablets or the spray) – check out We hope this is helpful. You can always consult your own local naturopath if you want to be sure you are taking the correct amounts if mixing all these 4 products. Kind regards, HealthPost

  • Alan Thornton

    I am a man and have started to struggle to get an orgasm

  • Zimmy Sandhu

    Were in India , I m Buy in India

  • Selina Noorland

    Hi, my son is 1y 2m old and has been on Omeprazole since 5m old for reflux. I am trying to wean him off it and managed to reduce to 1/4 capsule once daily (was on 1 cap per day =10mg Omeprazole), but the last 2 attempts to reduce under 1/4 capsule has caused his body goes into rebound acid production and we have afternoons and evenings of intense vomiting, after 3 days I put him back on the 1/4 dose. I want to try give him something that will help his tummy as I try again the reduce the medication. I don’t believe he needs it anymore. He was on Inner Health for kids most of his life but reduced him off it a while ago. I am going to reintroduce it now… any other ideas? Many thanks!
    P.S. I have BioBalance Slippery Elm too but unfortunately he won’t drink enough water for me to give him this.

    • Hi Selena,

      Sorry to hear about the tough time you are having with your son. It’s really hard when our little ones are suffering. You could try Schuessler Tissue Salts Combination E – Indigestion ( as a start and look into the foods that he might be having a hard time to digest (dairy, egg and wheat are common). It could be really helpful to see a naturopath in your area who could help prescribe the right things to really support his digestive system as well as advise you (and test for) the things in his diet that aren’t being easily broken down at the moment. Here’s a good website with good registered naturopaths . I hope that is helpful and wish you all the best.

      Kind regards
      Liz Jury, Natural Health Expert.

  • Darlene Anita Triffitt

    If your breastfeeding and taking minerals and probiotics can you also take tissue salts ?

    • Hi Darlene … yes it’s safe for you to take tissue salts whilst breastfeeding, on minerals and with probiotics. Kind regards, HealthPost

  • Sapna

    My mother is suffering from skin itching from long time..She started 12 tissue salt treatment.J just after 4 days of initial dose she started feeling itching in other parts of body which she initially did not have..
    Does this happen or do we need to stop it temporarily??

    • Hello Sapna. Although there is very little in it that could trigger such a reaction (maybe the lactose?), it would be best that your mother discontinues taking the product and sees a health professional who can support her. Kind regards, HealthPost

  • Sonette Viljoen

    Hi there. I had the mirena inserted 5 years ago. It caused ovarian cysts. My gynae suggested I should take Yaz. For 4 years I took Yaz off and on. In this period of time I had 2 cysts that burst. Dec 2016, I had the mirena taken out and in January this year I stopped the Yaz. I got soooo sick. Hormone withdrawal, mirena crash. I lost all the weight I put on with mirena and more. I couldnt eat for about 3 months due to constant nausea. Nowadays I battle with off and in constipation and heartburn. Suddenly I cant drink frizzy drinks, wine, beer, coffee etc. Certain foods also give me extreme heartburn. Its a constant battle. I have never been this sick. I am anxious, stressed out and all I can think about is my health. It feels like I am losing weight daily. I am obsessed. My stomach is burning up for the smallest thing I eat or drink like sugar, coffee etc. Wish I could go back in time. I would never have the mirena inserted ever again. I know that it it ruined my health together with the Yaz. Is there any hope. What tissue salts should I take?

    • Gosh Sonette, you really have been through the wringer with your health, how awful for you. Here is a response from our naturopath, Liz …

      Hi Sonette
      Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having. There is a lot that you could do with Natural Medicine but it’s important to firstly find a stable place to start. I’d suggest keeping your diet very clean with lots of vegetables and protein from eggs and meat, and reduce grains, sugar, coffee, fizzy, alcohol until you are a bit more balanced. The best tissue salt is likely to be the combination 12 which has all of the minerals in it. It would be worth seeing a Dr to make sure there aren’t any existing conditions with your stomach. A naturopath in your area would also be a great help to give you a tailored approach for achieving your wellbeing goals and helping you feel better. You can find one at

      It would also be a good idea to increase your nutrient intake with something like barley grass which is rich in many liberals and can support your liver. You’ll find a range of products on our website that you might like …

      Wishing you all the best with your health.


      • Triathlete

        Hi, I’m a 44 yr old male triathlete. I have gout, since I was in my 20s. I live in a tropical climate. My training causes me to sweat extreme amounts. Dehydration some time brings my uric acid levels up. I’m am quite careful with food and alcohol, which trigger my gout symptoms.
        I’m wondering if the tissue salts would be helpful for me.

    • Clarissa Sunshine

      Hey this happened to me too. Mirena cysts. I took it out and didnt take to yaz they tried to give me. I thought it was a ridiculous idea. Afterwards took me a long while to get pregnant. I learned that i had to clean my womb of toxins.. i startes juicing and went vegan for 9 months then was able to become pregnant.. for some reason tho after i birthed my baby. My body has been inflamed… and i never used to feel all these health issues before i had the mirena. The crazy part is when you get it they make you sign that paper so you cant sue them . I would love to tho. But i really am just focusing on gettinf healthy again. Juicing/fasting and adding the right things back into my body. I am sorry you are dealing with this but i believe you can heal yourself. I know you will because i Know i willl. Feel free to pm me if i can help u in anyway..

      • Hi Clarissa, thank you for your empathetic reply to Sonette’s comment and we wish you all the best with recovering your own health

  • susie

    hi, i’m not sure if you are still answering questions here but i’m hoping for yes. I was diagnosed with thyroglossal cyst recently and looking for alternative option for treatment than surgery on my neck. Can schüssler salts been used for it? which one how often.

    ps: i’m writing you from california and local schüssler salt distributor – Hylands unable to give me advice/recommendation because of government (FDA) regulations.

    Thank you

  • Tessaa

    Sciatica, going on 5 weeks now, seems to be getting there, not in pain all the time, only if i standd a lot, if I overdo walking. Started taking New Era tissue salts ,3, days ago, when should I notice an improvement? I’m also taking anti-inflammatory…

    • Hi Tessa, thanks for your comment. Definitely ease up on the walking, especially since you have noticed it aggravates the pain. You don’t say which tissue salts you are taking. The most likely product within the cell salt range to help with sciatica is Combination A It this is the one you are taking (3 doses per day), you should know very quickly if it is going to help. If you aren’t already, do go to see an osteopath or chiropractor in your area, as there is much structural work that can be done to relieve sciatica. All the best for a speedy recovery.

      • Tessaa

        Hi, re the A . for sciatica, I have been taking 4 by three times daily for 10 days and don’t feel any different!

        • Hi Tessa – what a shame that it isn’t helping you. Do try an osteopath or chiropractor or visit a naturopath who may be able to give you more help specific to your personal circumstances.

          • Tessaa

            Re sciatica and New Era A. no, didn’t work and in
            my 12th day now! Am going for an MRI scan, so as to see what’s what! Could very well be the piriformis the cause. Hopefully something will show up to get to the bottom of it! Tessa

  • Poppy

    Hello. I am Poppy. I read the whole post with great interest. I have been diagnosed with bursitis- the movements of my arm are restricted and I have neck pain. This causes me discomfort during sleep and I wake up couple of times during the night, with difficulties finding the best sleeping position. My homeopath advised me to take Sanguinaria 30. I am taking for couple of months already, complemented with Algae. Could you please recommend which tissue salts I should take.

    • Hi Poppy, thanks for your question. You could try Calc Fluor ( or and Mag Phos ( or We hope this helps you get some sleep! The HealthPost Team

      • Poppy

        Thank you very much for your advice. I shall give it a try. Thank you.

      • Poppy

        Hello again, once again thank you for the advice.
        I have another issue. My daughter is a teenager and so far she had a healthy skin, but recently she have a lot of pimples and black dots. She cleans her face with different skin products but maybe the problem is internal. What would you suggest, please.
        Thank you in advance.


        • Hi Poppy. She could try calc sulph, which is designed to support healthy skin. Hopefully she is drinking lots of water and eat a good balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Oxygen skincare have a range specifically for teenage skin which is really good … Best wishes, The HealthPost Team

          • Poppy

            THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  • Michelle Williams-Pearce

    If I have 3 single tissue salts, do I take the 3 at same time to make the combination I want? Or do I put the 3 in water & only take 1/3 to make it equal to 1 dose of that combination please?

    • Hello Michelle, thanks for your question. You can take the advised dose of each Tissue Salt … it’s fine to take them together and you don’t need to reduce the quantities. Best wishes, The HealthPost Team

  • Triathlete

    Hi, I’m a 44 yr old male triathlete. I have gout, since I was in my 20s. I live in a tropical climate. My training causes me to sweat extreme amounts. Dehydration some time brings my uric acid levels up. I’m am quite careful with food and alcohol, which trigger my gout symptoms.
    I’m wondering if the tissue salts would be helpful for me.

  • Carole Darley

    My daughter has just been diagnosed with chrones desease. She is a constant worrier about everything which does not help.Would any of the tissue salts help her. She also has hiatus hernia. This has mainly started from a bad marriage and fighting to keep the children. which she did. but the stress and pressure has taken its toll on her.

  • Suzanne Davies

    My grandson has nephrotic syndrome (NS), he has relapsed recently, and is now on 60mg steroids, he had what’s called a protein spill, which makes him quite unwell, this was quite unexpected, as he was doing so well, as low as 7.5 mg on alternate days. what support/tissue salts would you suggest?

    • Hi Suzanne. There are a few tissue salts that he could try but really he should visit a health practitioner who can get an overview of the medication he is taking plus other specifics. They can then advise on any Tissue Salts that could help him. Go to to find a health practitioner in his area. We hope this is helpful and we wish your grandson all the best.

  • Etta LeeKelly

    I have a variety of ailments, which has manifested over years, but coming closer since I am getting older . My current recurring issues are arthritis in joints (knees, toes and left hip); bakers cyst in left leg behind the knee; the right knee has no cartlidge left. is there any help for me?