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  • cathi

    this is so interesting – have been diagnosed with this & battled with the majority of the symptons listed above for 3+ years… high dose of vit B vit C homeopathy & a complete change of diet for 8 months then slowly getting back into normal healthy eating is the only way that helped get me back on track. its so important to listen to your body & rest when you need even if it seems the last thing you should be doing.

  • Caitlin Lysaght

    I found this so interesting !! I haven’t been diagnosed but I have all of the above symptoms.. Might be time to see someone!

  • Kay

    I read about myself there! I am on to something called Adrena Pan-C which is pantothenic acid with adrenal and spleen enzymes and Vitamin C, branded Global Enzyme. I felt a lot better while I was taking it then ran out and let it go for a while, now I’ve dragged myself back to get some more as the symptoms came back with a crash. Perhaps I need to overhaul my diet and get my 1-year-old to let me sleep all night to address the underlying issues. This pill has certainly made a difference in the shorter term.

  • Ingrid

    I think I have adrenal fatigue and low thyroid. I have started taking adrenal support but am not noticing any improvement yet don’t know how long it will take. Have been diagnosed with sleep apnia and am struggling with the machine. BUT my periods have restarted after 11 years and wondering if this is as a result of the adrenal support.

  • Sherryll

    I read an article about this some time ago, but the suggestions were not compatible with breastfeeding. Are these remedies compatible with breastfeeding? What about pregnancy? TIA:)

  • Ingrid, thyroid function and adrenal function often go hand in hand! Treat your adrenals and your thyroid function will improve too.

  • wow sounds really insightful I think Ill see my doctor and get my levels tested (if this is possible). Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  • Susan Martensen

    This is very helpful. I noticed that you say to increase magnesium and potassium. Yet – in the diet link to Michael Lam it says to avoid bananas, figs etc as they are high in potassium and will make adrenal fatigue worse. Am I missing something here? I would love some clarification on this apparent contradiction between your information and his dietary advice.

  • Good question! I’ve already been asked this so I have an answer ready for you. Magnesium and Potassium are closely related and are often taken together because magnesium acts as co-factor for potassium. However in adrenal fatigue aldosterone (released by your adrenal glands) is the key factor here. In early stage adrenal fatigue people are often low in potassium due to the relationship between aldosterone, salt and potassium and the intracellular fluids. People in early stages often retain water and actually become too high in sodium. Late stage adrenal fatigue reverses this effect and too much water/salt is excreted leaving people high in potassium and low in sodium (often people with adrenal fatigue overhydrate or operate at sub hydration) – you may crave salt if you are in the late stages.

    The key here is balance and ensuring you get professional advice before following a strict dietary protocol.

  • Are these supplements safe to take whilst breastfeeding? The answer in general is yes. There is a note regarding licorice, the glycyrrhizin in licorice has been associated with increased blood pressure so should not be taken whilst pregnant and at risk of eclampsia. However it is dose dependant. Studies were done at dosages of up to 6 grams a day on pregnant women with no ill effects noted. Potassium is fine and actually offsets affect on blood pressure that licorice may or may not have, as is magnesium. Commission E or scientific advisory board related to traditional herbal medicines advise that Licorice is contraindicated during pregnancy, but certainly not breastfeeding.

    The risks are hypokalemia, hyertension, sodium and water retention. Individual susceptibility is a HUGE factor in potential risks though and a high postassium low sodium diet would offset the risks markedly. Bear in mind that in late stage adrenal fatigue this may not be appropriate.

    Do NOT take if you have congestive heart failure.

    It is my personal advice that a cup of licorice tea on occasion for pregnant women would pose no serious risk unless they were already pre-eclamptic.

  • Ingrid

    I would still like to know if the Adrenal Support would restart my periods. I have stopped taking it but will want to restart if I do have adrenal exhaustion. I also don’t know how long it takes to make any difference, when do you start feeling better?

  • Sian Hannagan

    Ingrid, it is hard to know how quickly you will see results. It depends on a whole lot of variables. With serious symptoms like yours it may be worth seeing a registered Naturopath as there may be something else going on as well.

  • Eric

    Great article, but the author does not really elaborate on the significant importance of lifestyle modification for the adrenally fatigued person. Exercise (unless a very gentle 10 minute walk) is in many instances contraindicated in adrenal fatigue. Dr. Wilson (the doctor who coined the phrase “adrenal fatigue”) mentioned that lifestyle modification (including diet) is in fact 75% of the recovery, supplements account for the remaining 25%. Further, a glandular dietary supplement along with several minerals and specialised vitamins will ensure a faster and more complete recovery. In severe cases, hydrocortisone therapy may be warranted, especially for those who are severely burned out. Readers are advised to read Dr. Wilson’s book: “Adrenal fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome”, the best book on the topic.

  • Ann Waterworth

    I have suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 20 years so have severe food allergies and never know what to eat. But for nearly 3 years get up feeling exhausted and cannot sleep properly night after night with my stomach and when tired I look for energy on grabbing sweet foods. I like tramping but have no energy anymore. I suffer with my brain not working properly and sometimes I get very light headed and dizzy. Also reactions with hot spells. Just read about Adrenalin fatigue and as so many symptoms appear to be what I have and am now wondering whether that is what I am suffering from

    • Hello Ann & thanks for your comment. We’re sorry to hear about your symptoms which may well be linked to Adrenal fatigue. We would definitely suggest that you contact a health professional in your area for a personal diagnosis. Perhaps a friend can recommend someone? Alternatively, you can find a list of registered naturopaths in your area at We do hope you are able to find some relief from these on-going health problems. Best wishes, Anya

  • Sal

    WOW WOW WOW – these symptoms are all me! I feel really tired, am on migraine meds which makies me dozy too – but headaches, and fainting, feeling dizzy when going from sitting to standing, 2 little kiddies , just thought I was busy… have also got IBS, and food allergies as well. Eating way more sweet stuff and actually feeling worse – so maybe I need to cut out sweets and coffee too?! I get freezing toes and fingers – my lttle fingers get like ice! Always worse with period, and bad PMT, and get heart flutters, shaking and really bad anxiety attacks?!And I’ve had a few kidney tests becuase of pain right there!! Oh dear, what do I do now… this may be what I have, do I see a Naturopath, or start on some more vitamins (which I am already taking Magnesium, and Womens Multi, and Vit C!!)

    • Hi Sal, thanks for your comment. Here’s a reply from Kristie, our naturopath. I hope it helps you. Best wishes, Anya

      Yes, it sounds like you could do with adrenal support, absolutely. It is very worth seeing a naturopath in your area as you have quite a few things going on for you that you should start addressing now. Yes again, cutting out coffee and sugar are important. Coffee is a big stress to your adrenal glands, and it is also hard on the kidneys. The pain you are feeling in your back (I presume) will be from ‘flogged’ adrenals, and also possibly dehydration, coffee etc. You will reach for sugar automatically when you are tired and low in energy, a primary symptom in adrenal fatigue. If you work on changing your diet to whole foods with a high vegetable intake and good quality protein with nuts and seeds etc., this will start to correct nutritional deficiencies and lessen sugar cravings. The Microgenics Stress and Stamina Formula is a good product to support your adrenals and start to bring them back into balance. Spirulina in high doses will help increase your nutritional status as well; it will possibly help your menstrual symptoms, but you can also try something like the Clinicians PMT Care as well. B vitamins are also important for you. I like the Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Plus. I hope this helps. Kristie Laurantus, BNat.