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  • I have osteoarthritis in the lower back and the stiffness and pain is increasing with age.

    I started Nutra Life Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM Joint Food Powder a few weeks ago and the relief was almost instant. I have researched the various brands and have found this particular one is the highest in Chondroitin that I could find and being a powder it is a lot easier to take.

  • Jane Laking

    I have had severe arthritis in both shoulders for the last 5 years. A year ago I had replacement surgery RHS which has had a good result in terms of pain, but not in restoring range of movement. Prior to the surgery I had a final cortisone shot in the LHS as I was going to be relying on that. I had a good response to that in terms of pain and crepitus, but also by then was taking Healthy joint remedies – for both sides. My pain is now controlled fairly well with just panadol maybe 3 times a day, sometimes less. But what I can’t bear is the restriction in movement and lack of strength. I can’t do yoga, can’t swim, can’t do up a bra, or scratch my back, can’t lift a large cooking pot, can’t lift anything only moderately heavy, can’t sleep on my side, there are many night I don’t believe I have moved at all, I can no longer garden the way I used to, simply can’t do the digging and lifting with ease, or at all. But worst of all I can’t ride horses any more and that was my exercise, my joy and delight, my mental health tonic. I would love to have a magic potion that cured this rather than just ameliorated its effects. I thought I’d be strong and healthy into my older years … that thought has seriously crashed and burned!!! I don’t want to live a long life now, a bit longer yet but not so long as to spend all my time doing nothing because there is nothing left I can do …