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  • Tara

    A wonderfully informative and well balanced post. We have personally chosen not to vaccinate and will certainly be considering a “pox party” if DD doesn’t contact chicken pox on her own in the next few years.

  • Angela

    We purposely exposed our two older children to chicken pox a month ago when a friends child had them. It wasn’t a ‘pox party’, just a time of play between our children and hers. 12 days later our 6 year old had the spots appear, his older brother a few days after. Thanks to Sian’s awesome Pox blog we were prepared. I had boosted their immunity with vitamin C (sodium ascorbate form) and our diet is natural and full of nutrients. I also had on hand a few homeopathic remedies specific for the pox. We were able to keep our kids isolated to avoid infecting anyone who didn’t want to be infected, as we knew when they would be contagious. Result – both boys sailed through, they didn’t even get itchy thanks to Rhus Tox homeopathic remedy. Definitely preferable over the vaccine that contains numerous toxic substances, even human diploid cells (tissue from aborted babies) and as Sian mentioned, provides temporary and questionable immunity anyway.

  • Simone

    Yes, very informative!
    I must say I have thought about the very idea of pox parties for my little girl, although I think she’s still a bit young for that at 6 months. I am still in two minds about it. Only two, mind you, there is three options: wait and see, pox party or vaccine. I’ve opted out of the vaccine option because I think childhood illnesses are important in strengthening immune systems, but you have to be prepared to go the lengths to ensure your child gets enough TLC and support they need when sick. It was really a no-brainer to not go the vaccine route 1) there is no guarantee that your child will not get chicken pox ever 2) your child can still spread the illness 3) your child will have to get multiple booster shots in his/her lifetime 4) getting pox when older is considerably more dangerous 5) the risks associated with vaccines.
    Time will tell I suppose
    Thank you for a great post

  • Kylie

    This article was an interesting read and thanks for posting it. Not having children or planning to, I read it purely for interests sake, but was surprised to learn about how pox in the kiddies keeps the adults immunity boosted against shingles. Nature is fabulous like that! I do remember having chicken pox in the 70s when I was three, and I remember all of my friends in the street had it at the same time. Will have to check with my mum if that was a planned thing or not.

  • Sue

    I was 6 when I had chickenpox and only remember this because it was my birthday. Then pregnant in my 2nd trimester when my son got chickenpox 30 years ago. No problems for baby or for him with the pox. Years later, baby 4 was six weeks old when she and her sisters had their dose. again no problems for any of them. The six week old was the easiest of all. She didnt seem to itch but I put mittens on just in case. All this was before the vaccine and if I had to make a choice today I would definately take my children to associate with others so they caught this illness when young when it is easiest. I will myself associate with my gandchildren or others who have chickenpox to keep my immunity alive and protect against shingles. Not many adults get boosters for any illness and it worries me that we will see more and more of the harmless in childhood illnesses cropping up in late teens and early 20s populations where there can be more complications. Especially with those away at university and maybe not eating, sleeping or drinking right.