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  • I have been taking Krill Oil, under the belief that the amount harvested from our oceans was NOT affecting the supply for the marine mammals. If what you say is true, then I will switch back to fish oil, as sustainability is a top priority for me. I care about what happens to the animals. So…. thats my thoughts. 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Tracy! If you contact the company that is producing the krill oil and find out where they are sourcing it, then that can give you an idea as to potential knock-on effects on the local ecosystem. One area of concern is the increasing focus on the Antarctic’s Southern Ocean for krill harvesting (particularly the Ross Sea – our ocean’s final frontier in terms of ‘untouched’ ecosystems). A great documentary to watch is “The Last Ocean” by the kiwi director Peter Young – – it focuses mainly on tooth fish over fishing but they mention krill as well. Great to read about your concerns, we need more conscious consumers like you on this planet. chris 🙂

  • Jackie

    Have been taking cholesterol tabs for a number of years,
    I have not been very happy with the side effects sore joints ect and have changed to so many different statins but I was afraid to stop all of them for fear of serious complications,I have spoken to many doctors re the drugs but can’t get a positive answer.
    I have just been told about Krill,tabs
    I am stopping my cholesterol medication now and would like to know the benefits of changing to the Krill 750 mg tabs this would be my 2nd day taking them and I don’t expect a sudden change
    Right away but would be happy for some positive feed back,

    • Hello Jackie. I passed your query to our naturopath and here is her response. I hope this helps you. Best wishes, Anya

      Thanks for your inquiry. Krill is very beneficial for many things in the body and lowering cholesterol is purported to be one of them. Of the reviews for these products on our website, there are many that laud the anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic qualities of krill oil, but only one that mentions a successful reduction in cholesterol. That said, it is very worth giving it a go for a while, perhaps a month or two. There have been studies done confirming its cholesterol-lowering abilities as well. Please make sure you get your cholesterol levels checked in a couple of months and if the LDL and/or LDL /HDL has increased you’ll need to look at other things to help you here. There is a natural ‘statin’ called Red Yeast Rice extract which seems to be very effective. Just like the pharmaceuticals you need to supplement with coenzyme Q10 as this nutrient will be depleted with this supplementation.

      For the time being Jackie, try the krill and we would very much appreciate your feedback when you have. (You also go in the draw for a gift voucher online!)
      I hope this helps.
      Kind regards, Kristie Laurantus, BNat.