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  • Francine SCHMIDT

    Hi there! Just wanted to give you my feedback on coconut oil:
    I’ve been using it in varied ways now for quite a few months.

    I was an avid Elizabeth Arden skincare user…. at great expense. I now exclusively rub coconut oil on my face and body daily and my skin is very supple, smooth and glowingly healthy! For ease of spreading, I mix it with a little 100% organic jojoba oil and a few drops of patchouli or lavender oil, because I love the scent!

    I also enjoy spreading coconut oil on my toast or crackers. It’s great for cooking and baking. You don’t need to keep it in the fridge and it’s a 100% healthy and good for you!
    So… no-one should be afraid of using it!

    Have a great day! Francine SCHMIDT, Timaru

  • Clare

    My daughter and I are firm advocates of this brand of oil – I bought it first from the food show for $30, then I got 2 from Healthpost and saved straight away! And now you are offering it for $16 per jar – my 14 year old LOVES it – we put it in our hair, on our skin and I put it in my smoothie every morning – I find that the heat of my hands melts it so it is easy to rub into the skin. If I’ve got any skin irritation it helps there too – I’m a complete convert. Thanks