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  • Mercia Hoskin

    My husband and I have never taken L-Arginine before but this morning read a very good article in the latest “Investigate” magazine about heart health etc. and the mention of L-Arginine. We do take CoQ10, along with Garlic to help heart health.
    We are both on low dosage blood pressure medication, cholestrol medications and heart tablet. I am in my early 70s and my husband early 80s so not many people our age get away with not taking medication of some sort.
    My question to you is it necessary to take another supplement like L-Arginine to help heart health when we do take the above?
    We are a customer of “Healthpost” and do take other supplements for general health.
    Thank you, Mercia Hoskin

    • Hello Mercia – thank you for your comment and question and apologies for the delay in replying.
      Yes, there is information suggesting that L-Arginine may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart, and improve circulation. When an existing health condition is present it is suggested you discuss possible benefits with a health professional particularly when other medications are also taken. It may be beneficial, but not “necessary”.

      So we’d suggest that you should consult a Naturopath in your area who can help with each of your individual conditions/needs. They should be able to advise you whether L-Arginine would be beneficial for either of you.

      Wishing you good health,