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  • Nadia

    Great info. It would be wonderful if more LMCs were more knowledgeable about pregnancy supplements. One area that I am currently interested in is the potential role of probiotics in reducing the incidence of Group B Strep in pregnant women. I had this in my previous two pregnancies and am supplementing with probiotics and ascorbic acid this pregnancy to see if this makes a difference.

  • Deficiency of folate in pregnant women has been implicated in neural tube defects (NTD); therefore, many developed countries have implemented mandatory folic acid fortification in cereals, etc. NTDs occur early in pregnancy (first month), therefore women must have abundant folate upon conception. Folate is required to make red blood cells and white blood cells and folate deficiency may lead to anemia , which further leads to fatigue and weakness and inability to concentrate.

  • Dan Las

    Good to have so much useful information about the prenatal vitamins, I checked the ingredient of the Solgar preantal vitmins, it seems the calcium is in carbonate form which may cause the constipation for the pregnant women, so if you have to the chance to choose the best prenatal vitamins, I suggest to find some nature food extract product, you may get some suggestion from: