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  • Tracey Morrow

    My bowen therapist suggested I try the Maca powder to help with menopause symptoms and a general booster to my busy out of control summer job. It has made an immense difference and have been recommending it to everyone.

  • I life in the Netherlands I never hear from Kelp as a superfood. I will try to find it here looks nice to me.

  • I love your info graph. Kelp is something that I have not tried yet but I have been reading a lot about its nutritional properties lately. Definitely something I want to try.

  • I see that dark chocolate is a superfood so its healthy? Thats good news i love chocolate 🙂

  • joe mchale

    ive tried manuka honey, but i dont know how they train the bees to only go to the one type of flower.

    • Hi Joe. Well, I believe the trick is to place the hives close to the manuka tree groves at the time the trees flower, as the bees naturally select the flowers closest to the hives. Happy New Year! Anya

  • Sarah Greene

    I heard a lot about maca root health benefits and it’s amazing nutrition properties, but do you know by any chance if maca can make your buttocks bigger? Lately I’ve seen a couple of articles from different souces saying that maca root is good for curves and can enhance your buttocks. Do you know anything about that? Thanks