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  • Erika

    Variety is the spice of life. Applying this mantra to exercise provides multiple benefits. Doing the same old can become a boring chore over time. Running, kayaking, cycling/mountain biking, and walking provide not only variety but each discipline engages different muscle groups, allowing better recovery and reduce tiredness and injury. Participating in a variety of disciplines may also widen your circle of friends – great way for catching up too if time is limited. Have a mat and a few weights in the garage, or a yoga CD for days of inclement weather or if it’s dark outside. Enjoy and have fun.

  • leah c

    Set small goals, and remember one step at a time – you’ve got to start somewhere. You may only be able to do 5 minutes of slow jogging to start with (and feel like your heart is about to leap out of your chest), but keep at it, increase it a little at a time, and you’ll improve. Soon you’ll be able to run for 30 minutes and wonder why you found it so hard at the start. Stick with it, and keep your expectations realistic.

  • Whatever sport you may take up, get the correct footwear.
    Your trusty old trainers won’t cut it!
    Pay a bit extra & get professional advice from a sports/ shoe shop.
    Respect your feet & sport will be more enjoyable.