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  • L

    I have quite oily skin and havn’t found a ‘cure’ yet! I do use Antipodes Reincarnation Exfoliator once-twice a week if that and Antipodes Juliet Cleanser to keep the acne at bay. I have also found that my pores have reduced in size and my face is less oily since using Antipodes.
    I am also drinking (or trying to!) 1.5-2.5L or water a day which is probably the best thing anyone can do for their skin, be it comb., oily, normal or dry.
    I also try to avoid processed foods and mainly preservative 202 which research has shown to be the best thing for acne. I have proved it!
    Overall, the best thing anyone could do for their skin is TO AVOID PROCESSED FOODS (ie, 2 minute noodles, packaged/powder soups, coffee sachets, , take probiotics/other internal cleansers or ‘deodourants’, DRINK 1.5L+ OF WATER A DAY and use Antipodes!

  • Anne du Plessis

    Thank you, this information is extremely helpful. I had really bad acne and oily skin, and tried various different products with no improvement. I then used the Living Nature products after a recommendation from a friend and the results were amazing, my skin became more balanced and not so oily, my pores reduced size and I found that my pimples cleared up. I am delighted. I found their Manuka Honey Gel especially good and clearing my pimples and the Deep Cleansing Mask helped to dry them out (I used it as a spot treatment every night and slept with it on). I also like the fact that Living Nature is 100% natural and not full of horrible chemical ingredients. I love these products and now tried their body wash, body lotion and hand cream too, which is really great. I am hooked and converted!

  • rochelle

    I have always had difficult skin, open pores…acne…red..itchy…inflamed…oily…and depending on various remedies suggested dry and flaky?!? Finally I have found something that works. Sukin face wash and moisturizer with a face scrub 3times a week. Steering clear of all Sulphate based products…..and especially Fish oil Tablets! Yip they have healed from the inside. I am now trying to find a foundation that looks natural that won’t clog my pores or react and also not so heavy as finally I feel able to have a more natural look rather than having a thick layer of cover up. YAY!!