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  • Jasmina

    Hi my son just had major alergic reaction after having 4 mls of this liposomal b (hives, sweling of joints and heat ) – we just trying to figure out what could he possibly react to?

    • Hi Jasmina – I’m so sorry to hear that your son had this reaction, how very worrying for you. I passed your comment to the BioBalance team. Their naturopath, Carolyn, would like to know a little more information – your son’s age and approximately how long his reaction lasted. This will help her give you a more personal response.

      Meanwhile, she can advise that it is possible that his methylation cycle has been disrupted prior to taking this supplement, and is now being activated with the methylfolate. This can be due to a common variation of the MTHFR gene. This may cause a temporary release of stored toxins into the bloodstream as his body now has the nutrients to metabolise them, and this can cause heat, flushing and other unpleasant effects similar to a niacin flush. In other words, his body needs the supplement but has received too much, too soon.

      You could try starting with a lower dose of BioBalance Liposomal Vitamin B Complex, gradually increasing it over time as his body adjusts to this improved nutrition. B Complex vitamins are best taken during the day and around mealtimes to maximise their nutritional benefits. He can take it once a day with his evening meal, but not right before bedtime which can be stimulating and interfere with a normal sleep pattern in some cases.

      With any sort of adverse reaction, it’s always a good idea to consult a health practitioner in your area, who can run a test for a MTHFR gene mutation, whichwould establish if this is the cause.

      I hope this is of some help to you. We’d be very interested to know his age and how long the symptoms lasted for, as this will help Carolyn confirm whether it was a sort of ‘niacin flush’ effect. And feel free to email us directly at [email protected] if you wish. Keep us informed of how things go. Kind regards, Anya

      • Jasmina

        Thank you . I will talk to you in the private email .

      • Hi Jasmina – thanks for the email you sent to our customer service team. They will follow this up with you directly and yes, you should definitely consult with your doctor since your son has various conditions. And do mention the mustard sauce – it could be relevant. All the best, Anya

  • Custardpotcat

    In your reply to Jasmina, you say ” consult a health practitioner in
    your area, who can run a test for a MTHFR gene mutation” . Can you
    recommend an health practitioners hear in NZ that do these tests? I am very
    interested in the subject, as I have a belief that this could be an
    explanation as to why no matter how much good fruit and veg I eat I just
    cant quite get better. Of course their could be many co-factors,however
    I would like to know who to be referred to in order to get this test
    done. Your answer would be appreciated.

    • Hello Custardpotcat, thanks for your comment. We will forward this to the naturopath at BioBalance and as soon as we have her reply we’ll post it here. Kind regards, Anya

    • Hi again Custardpotcat. Unfortunately, the naturopath who answered Jasmina is no longer working with BioBalance. However, BioBalance have suggested you could contact a company called Motherwell who might be able to help. They are a fertility clinic mainly but stock BioBalance Liposomal B and are all naturopaths. I do hope they are able to help you with your search.

      Kind regards, Anya

  • Custardpotcat

    Thanks for the above, I will give them an email and see what there response is .