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  • Eileen Pomeroy

    The symptoms you describe fit me perfectly. Can you tell me how long it may be before I see some results from taking the Kelp powder. I have ordered some
    Thank you

    • Carolyn Simon, Naturopath

      Hi Eileen

      Thanks for your question. The time it takes to see results will differ depending on the symptom, and on other factors such as your regular dietary intake, toxic load and existing health conditions. Fluid balance can be restored quite quickly when you’re getting the right balance of nutrients from a regular daily serving of Kelp powder. If your thyroid is underactive you can see improvement in function within a few weeks of a kelp supplement providing more balanced nutrition, however it will usually take months to remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals, and fully restore all the minerals your body needs to maintain health. Continuing to improve your diet and living environment in other ways will help you achieve and maintain good results.

      Kind regards