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  • Yes, I was aware of beetroot as a great health food – along with all the other”red” fruits and vegetables. My particular favourite greens are my beet tops, always with plenty of red stalk, just lightly steamed. I tend to pick three or four older leaves from different plants so each beet carries on growing its bulb underneath. I also frequently pick mixed green, the outside but tender baby leaves of silverbeet, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, mizzuna – whatever I have growing, I stack the washed leaves on top of one another roll them into a tube and then slice through to make fairly fine strips, steam lightly and serve as a vegetable, make breakfast muffins with egg, ham, cheese, bacon – whatever’s in the fridge, toss them into soups. My bloke and I would eat these individual or more commonly mixed greens probably five days out of seven. We both like our beetroot roots too. Sometimes as a shredded raw salad. Sometimes sliced as the classic salad accompaniment, but I also like them as a hot vegetable, him not so much. I keep meaning to roast some as I think you’d get less “bleeding” on the plate that way. So good for you and just yum! Jane

    • Some great tips here Jane, thank you. We’ll definitely eat more of those baby leaves on our garden veggies!