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  • Lawrie

    I’m not sure if my last comment went through.

    I’d like to know if this is safe for postmenopausal women to use and whether it interacts with any other meds or supplements. I am also taking Maca powder and lots of other vitamins. Can I take this at the same time? Can it be taken with ovestin, DHEA, pregnenolone or biodentical progesterone?

    How long can you use it for if you are postmenopausal? I think my last period was nearly 3 years ago. Maca has got rid of most symptoms except for the vaginal dryness. Ummm related question. Can I take ovestin, DHEA, pregnenolone or biodentical progesterone with Maca? I stopped them for now but am thinking of starting again to fix the dryness…


    • Hi Lawrie – I’ll forward your comment to our naturopath to answer when she comes in later this week. Best wishes, Anya

      • Lawrie

        Thanks Anya!

        • Hi Lawrie. Here is a response from our naturopath, Kristie …

          Hi Lawrie,

          I know of no evidence that Vitex would be harmful in post-menopause. Vitex is a hormone balancer, so it works to bring whatever imbalance is presenting back to a more healthy state. You could certainly give it a go. It can interact with hormonal preparations but has been used advantageously in some of these cases by herbalists. You could try taking the Vitex with the Maca and vitamins you are taking. There are no specific contraindications with these things. As with all herbs and supplements, please stop taking it if you notice anything untoward happening and if you are on the hormonal preparations you have mentioned, please run this by your prescribing GP as this needs to be facilitated by a practitioner.

          I would suggest trying the Vitex for a month or two to see if it benefits you at all, and assessing whether you want to stay on it after that. It is always good to take a break from herbs periodically.

          I would exercise some caution taking Maca with the hormones you have mentioned. As before, you could try them and stop if you notice any adverse effects. Also consult with your prescribing doctor about this.

          I hope this is helpful.

          Kristie Laurantus, BNat.

          • Lawrie

            Thanks, I will add vitex to my shopping basket

  • All Blacks supporter

    Hi there. Has any research been conducted to verify its effectiveness in decreasing male libido?

    • Hi there – we passed your question to our naturopath, Kristie. Here is her response … “I do not know of any research conducted specifically regarding Vitex Agnus Castus and the lowering of the male libido. It has garnered more interest with its hormone-regulating properties for women. I’m sorry, but I have no information regarding your question. I would suggest trying the herb to see how you go with it, and perhaps placing some feedback on our website on the product when you have taken it for a while.”

      We’re sorry we can’t be of more help with this – we’d be very interested to hear from you if you decide to trial it for male libido. Kind regards, HealthPost

  • Rachel

    Is it safe to use, while trying to conceive?

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for your question. We have contacted the suppliers regarding Thompson’s Vitex and they have confirmed Thompson’s Vitex is safe to take while trying to conceive as it is a hormonal modulator. They suggested that you may need to see a health practitioner regarding the dosage/directions if you should become pregnant. We hope this is helpful.

  • Tamara Bennett

    I’m 53 and have suffered peri-menopausal symptoms for about 8 years and have spent a fortune on remedies and therapies. All I can say is my local health shop ran out of Vitex 2 weeks ago and my night sweats have come back with a vengeance! I’m now going to order online and hope it arrives quickly as I am so sleep deprived I feel ill.

    • Hi Tamara – we’re sorry to hear you have been suffering so much! It’s great to hear that you are going to order online from us – hopefully that will help you to always have some at hand when you need it!