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  • Hi Renee – could you link to the clinical trials showing liposomal vitamin C produces higher serum levels of vitamin C than non-liposomal oral versions? And could you help me understand this a bit better, “This type of Vitamin C also doesn’t get broken down until it actually reaches the part of the body that needs it most.” What ‘breaks down’ non-liposomal vitamin C in the bloodstream before it reaches the cell? Thanks heaps.

    • Hi Helen … Renee wrote this article a couple of years ago, so we have passed your query to BioBalance to see if they have some clinical data that can help you. We’ll post their reply as soon as we have it. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • Hi again Helen. BioBalance would like to email you some information on this but we are having difficulty with your email address. Could you please email [email protected] and type in the subject line (FAO Anya – blog). Thank you so much, HealthPost

    • Just to clarify … we may have more success by replying to an email you have sent us directly.

      • Have sent through my email.

        • Thanks Helen – we forwarded it to BioBalance and hopefully you will have received an email from them. Kind regards, HealthPost