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  • Thank you so much for sharing the process of it. I will make it at home. 🙂

  • LyndaWaitakere

    I make sugar-free chocolate with butter, cocoa and Xylitol, plus a few drops of flavouring oil. Of course it culd be made with coconut oil if you wish.
    Chocolate peppermints can be made with Xylitol icing powder. Drop a little melted chocolate into the mold or petit four cup. Make the icing powder/peppermint quite firm and roll it into a ball. Place on chocolate base then pour melted choc over it. Voila! Other flavours: coffee, orange, caramel etc can all be made with oils (essence doesn’t work well)

    • Miriam Heberley

      Hi Lynda, could Stevia powder be used in your recipe for sugar-free peppermint chocolate??. I cannot have any sugars or substitutes which end in ‘ose or ‘ol, so that cuts out Xylitol.. also could you clarify the the bit about making the icing powder/peppermint part of your recipe. I think you mean adding the drops of peppermint oil in the Xylitol powder until a firm ball is formed… what are the approx. quantities of oil to Xylitol [or in my case Stevia] please.

    • Thanks for your great tips Lynda 🙂