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  • Thank you so much for sharing the process of it. I will make it at home. 🙂

  • John

    Finely grated raw ginger and your bee pollen are good combination. And today with passion fruit back in season started using pulp again so that reminds me must have been doing this for at least a year. Got tired of the dark chocolate market and funny flavours and this excludes lecithin which being usually of soy origin I wish to avoid. Simpler if oil just kept in HW cupboard and pot method then not necessary.
    Not making as often now which may be a sign my magnesium levels are OK? (with supplementation).

  • LyndaWaitakere

    I make sugar-free chocolate with butter, cocoa and Xylitol, plus a few drops of flavouring oil. Of course it culd be made with coconut oil if you wish.
    Chocolate peppermints can be made with Xylitol icing powder. Drop a little melted chocolate into the mold or petit four cup. Make the icing powder/peppermint quite firm and roll it into a ball. Place on chocolate base then pour melted choc over it. Voila! Other flavours: coffee, orange, caramel etc can all be made with oils (essence doesn’t work well)

    • Miriam Heberley

      Hi Lynda, could Stevia powder be used in your recipe for sugar-free peppermint chocolate??. I cannot have any sugars or substitutes which end in ‘ose or ‘ol, so that cuts out Xylitol.. also could you clarify the the bit about making the icing powder/peppermint part of your recipe. I think you mean adding the drops of peppermint oil in the Xylitol powder until a firm ball is formed… what are the approx. quantities of oil to Xylitol [or in my case Stevia] please.

    • Thanks for your great tips Lynda 🙂