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  • Steve Lockie

    I have severe anxiety and slow burning panic attacks …this causes temporary extreme social phobia. I’m in one of these periods now…a friend suggested taking Multi amino acids. what do you think?

    • Hello Steve – our apologies for being so slow at getting back to you. Here is the reply from our naturopath, Kristie.
      Kind regards, Anya …

      “Hello Steve,

      Thanks for your query and I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing panic attacks.

      I would suggest a few supplements to help with this. Firstly, B complex vitamins are very important, as is magnesium. Adrenal herbs are always a good idea as well. In the amino acid range, I would suggest not taking an amino acid complex, but perhaps just 5-Htp by itself, as long as you are not on anti-depressants which are contraindicated with 5-htp. Additionally, Valerian could be helpful.

      If you still need help with this issue, please consult with a qualified naturopath in your area.

      Kind regards, Kristie Laurantus, BNat.”