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  • Kate

    I have to use a tooth paste for sensitive teeth.
    Is there a natural ingredient that can help with this please?

    • Hi Kate – Weleda do a range of toothpastes that may suit you. We have had good feedback from customers with sensitive teeth who have used the Weleda Salt Toothpaste – have a look at the reviews You might also consider oil pulling with organic coconut oil – that can help reduce sensitivity in your teeth. Kind regards, Anya

  • Linda Pauling

    My husband and I have been using sea salt with a sprinkle of turmeric powder mixed with olive oil for some years now and we both have very strong white teeth and healthy gums. Most important one should use a tongue cleaner first and gargle with the salt to flush the mouth before brushing. If we don’t clean the tongue, all the debris caught on the tongue (that’s its job overnight) will get flushed directly down to the liver and kidneys. Better to rid it from the mouth first. You will be amazed at how fresh your mouth is even before cleaning the teeth.