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  • I had forgotten how much I enjoy eating beet soups, it’s a traditional food in Eastern Europe, and it’s one of the most delicious things ever when cooked by someone with experience, unlike me.. I just throw in the beets with some vegetables and it still ends up being tasty!

  • Greg

    Well as we used to say, ‘you can beat an egg, but you can’t beet a root ‘ – with a little poetic licence taken.

    My grandmother who lived in Germany for a number of years used to make a beetroot dish, whereby she would cook, then slice the beetroots, then mix in caraway seeds. Although I have not been to Germany, in these many years, I have never found this dish again. Or even Germans knowing of this dish.

    It made beetroots exotic, and although I DO like beetroot, that is saying something

  • Angela Nolan

    I love beetroot, but it’s really high in oxalates and triggers bladder pain 🙁

  • Debbie Chapman

    I love beetroot, I can eat canned beetroot but raw, roasted or juice gives me a terrible stomach ache for about four days 😢