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  • Lis Pedersen

    I enjoyed reading your story. Your life style is very similar to mine and I do a yearly week long juice fast with Biobalance herbal teas and Colonics from Maneka at Healing Waters in Nelson. 3-4 of those during the cleanse. Always amazes me the toxins that come pouring out since I imagine I’m living a clean life already! Lis

    • Hi Lis, thanks for your comment. We are very interested to know what BioBalance herbal teas you use in your yearly week long juice fast?

      • Lis Pedersen

        ha-ha. I bet you are. I was wrong – it’s actually the Artemis kidney and liver cleanse teas!

        • Hehe … that explains it! We did wonder if it was Moringa but since that was a fairly recent release it wasn’t likely to have been part of your previous year’s juice fast!