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  • Allan

    Warning to all do not trust Dr. Stuart Tie, who is a general cardiologist with interests in cardiovascular disease prevention and congestive heart failure but his main interest is in making money by doing big frauds and making false claims to multi-national companies. He belongs to Tauranga, City in the North Island, New Zealand.
    Recently he has done a fraud with one of my friends who rent cars. He rent cars and his driving skills are completely crazy which eventually ends us in destroying or damaging car. Instead of accepting his mistakes, he starts fighting with my friend (Car Rental Owner) and ask him to pay for all the damages otherwise keep it as it is. My friend has faced a lot much loss just because of this doctor who remains out of his senses.
    Making money is one of his main goals which he used to achieve very easily by making false claims. He buys a car and then after a year or two, start calling company owners that his car fails to operate normally which is just of his crazy mechanical experiments on car. Every one of us know that if we want to keep our care safe and fully functional, then we have to take care of it from each angle; but Dr. Stuart Tie finds it interesting to make money through cars. I would highly appreciate if you guys will inform others too and share my words. Stop dealing with this Doctor, I don’t know how he treats his patients. Further, please report this scammer and as much as you can do to save other businesses.