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Jason Shon Bennett

Jason Shon Bennett shares his incredible story of how he healed his life of debilitating sickness. He was prompted to share and teach to others what he had learnt after being asked countless times how had he achieved such a transformation from sickness to health.

Jason openly admits that he has had no formal training in nutrition, naturopathy or health. But what he did have was a burning desire to change his situation in life. In the chapters of his book below, he shares his personal lessons in health and nutrition and how he created exceptional health.

Jason Shon Bennett believes you are in control of your own health. His ‘aha’ moment came when he realised that although your genes may make you susceptible to certain illness or condition, by changing diet, lifestyle, attitude and your inner mind-set – you may create a life of health. He acknowledges that implementing change is one of the most difficult things to overcome for everyone, but offers that the pain of change is still significantly less than the pain of not changing.