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Your Questions Answered

Our HealthPost team are happy to answer your questions related to any health concerns about natural skincare and beauty, supplements and natural health, or superfoods. . We’ll answer your questions with the relevant and useful information you need, in an open and honest manner.

Perhaps you’ve searched the internet for information, an explanation or clarification, (the term ‘Dr Google’ comes to mind) and you’re more confused than ever. Perhaps you just want to hear from local people with the right experience and qualifications. This is the perfect place to get credible answers directly from the HealthPost team. Although we’re happy to assist and guide, our information and suggestions are no substitute for the advice of your doctor or any other medical professional. Always seek medical attention from a health professional as necessary.

With one in twenty searches on the internet being health-related, knowing what to trust with such a vast amount of information available may be a little tough. Learning from the experiences of others can be invaluable. That’s why this forum is a great place read and learn about issues that may be the same or similar to your own question. Feel free to send your questions to: [email protected]

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